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My Lil Paradise Island | My Week In Pictures - July 15th-20th

I'd been counting down for this week for a long, long time..

#SeafrontLunch - Sandown,IOW
#BeachPose - Sandown Beach,IOW
#Relaxing - WhitecliffBayHolidayPark,IOW
(Outfits: Bradley - Top:RiverIsland Shorts:Primark | Me - Dress:Boohoo)
#HappyDays - SandownPier,IOW
(Outfits: Me - Top:Boohoo Maxiskirt:Boohoo | Bradley - Top:ZaraKids)

The first week of the summer holidays, and a few days on my lil paradise island - the Isle of Wight.
The Isle of Wight is a pretty special place for me. My family & I holidayed at a cute little holiday park there called Whitecliff Bay every year, sometimes twice, since I was born. And when I was 15, my parents bought a holiday home down there which meant we spent even more time down there, sometimes I spent the whole summer there. You can imagine the memories made! When my parents divorced when I was 18, the holiday home was sold, and that was the last time I went.

#SandTimes - SandownBeach,IOW
#PosingInMySpecialPlace - WhitecliffBayBeach,IOW
#9amInMySpecialPlace - WhitecliffBayBeach,IOW
#FamilyFun - TheNeedlesPleasurePark,IOW
(Outfits: Me - Top:Boohoo Maxiskirt:Boohoo Sunglasses:RiverIsland | Bradley: Top:George Shorts:Riverisland)

So, 11 years on, I took my other half James, and my little man Bradley down to my little paradise island. I was very excited.
From the moment I arrived I had a huge smile on my face, I had forgot how beautiful it was, and how much I'd missed it.

#MyView - SandownBeach,IOW
#BreakfastByTheBeach - SandownBeach,IOW
(Outfits: James - Top:Forever21 Shorts:George | Bradley: Shirt:Primark Shorts:RiverIsland)
#FavouriteView - WhitecliffBay,IOW
#Love - WhitecliffBay,IOW
(Outfits: Me - Dress:Missguided | James - Top:Burtons)

It hadn't changed that much, to the point that some places looked exactly the same as they did 20 years ago. It was upsetting to see that a lot of places were looking tired, old, run down, many once bustling attractions had now closed down, and many places needed a good lift! I guess the recession, and the fact that we've been having such bad summers had meant lack of money. But the true natural beauty of the island was still there. It still took my breath away, driving around a corner and seeing an amazing view. The island really is a beauty!

#LifesLittleGems - TheNeedles,IOW
#SeafrontPose - SandownBeach,IOW
(Outfits: Me - Maxidress:Bank Jacket:RiverIsland | James - Top:Forever21)
#Maze - BlackgangChine,IOW
(Outfit: Top:RiverIsland Shorts:RiverIsland)

The holiday park had changed a lot, it had since been taken over by a resort company who had made some big changes, but it was still so lovely to reminisce and show my boys where I spent a lot of my childhood. Seeing Bradley running around the clubhouse, swimming in the pool I learnt to swim in, and splash around on my favourite beach bought a huge smile to my face, it felt surreal. 
The staff were all really helpful, the park clean and our accommodation, a superior lodge, was lovely and spacious! 
I woke at 7.30am almost every morning, but I couldn't wait to get up. I'd sit on the balcony in the sunshine, with my book and have some me time before the boys got up. Bliss!

#Cheeeese - SandownBeach,IOW
#Selfie - WhitecliffBayHolidayPark,IOW
#8amMeTime - WhitecliffBayHolidayPark,IOW
#Me&MyBoy - WhitecliffBayHolidayPark,IOW
(Outfits: Bradley - Top:RiverIsland | Me - Dress:Missguided)

The weather was amazing, it honestly felt like we were abroad and every day got hotter.
As we were only down there for 5 days, I had to try and squeeze in all the places I wanted to show them, so we were very busy.. we were all exhausted by the end of each day.
I loved reminiscing, and making new memories with my new little family! I've already made plans for when we win the lottery, to buy a cute little holiday home, and do up a seafront hotel.. It's nice to dream, hey?! :)

#ManTime - SandownBeach,IOW
#InMyHappyPlace - WhitecliffBayHolidayPark,IOW
(Outfit: Dress:Missguided)

If you haven't already, I definitely recommend taking a visit to Isle of Wight, and seeing all the little gems it has to offer. For a family-orientated holiday park, check out Whitecliff Bay - a cute little holiday park with lots to offer, with a few memories thrown in! :) Its a great little park to use as a base to explore the island, as well as lots to keep the little ones busy on site. One little tip tho - stay clear of the basic chalet accommodation, choose a caravan or lodge!! 
We had such a lovely time, Bradley loved it, which made my week! I've well and truly got the post holiday blues now.. Can we go back already?!

Have you been down to the Isle of Wight? Do you have a special place you'd love to revisit?

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