Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Week - Aug17th-24th

Hi girls,

I started to feel a little better this week, a little more positive about my op next month. And I've done a lot of relaxing, as I'm back to work next week. :( The past 6 weeks have flown by!! 
This week has involved a fab road trip to Liverpool with some friends I hadn't seen for a while, cocktails with friends, baking with Bradley, a few trips to some parks, lots of relaxing and blogging, and shopping for back to school and work bits. 

A few pictures from my phone this week..

1. Bradley and I baked some cookies from The Occasional Cookie mixes. Read about it here.
2. I keep finding random selfies on my phone of Bradley. Nutter. :)
3. I received some cute handmade accessories from Prairie Charms. Read about it here.
4. Relaxing on the park whilst the little man did his thing.
5. Peepo :)
6. Bradley stuck in the spiders web.
7. My mum & Bradley at the park.
8. My nails this week. Read about it here.

Favourite Product of the Week..
I've used MAC's eyeshadow in Shroom every single day this week as a base, no matter what colour I was wearing. It's such an easy colour to work with, and I love the satin sheen of the powder. MAC eyeshadows are a favourite of mine, they're super pigmented. So yes, this has been my favourite go-to product this week. 

Favourite Fragrance of the Week..
I've been using Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture a lot this week. It's super girly, such a sexy, fresh scent. I've ran out now though, might have to put this on my WishList as I do love it!!

Favourite Bit of the Week..
Meeting up with some girl friends for a big catch up and a mooch around Liverpool. I love these girls, I spent one of the most amazing times of my life with these girls, we've been on tour with the Backstreet Boys for goodness sake!! :) We have stories that you'd never believe. :)

What I Learnt This Week..
I love being off work, too too much.

Favourite Blogpost of the Week..
I loved reading Zoella's Meeting One Direction post this week. I just thought it was fab that she got to meet such an in-demand band and feature it on her blog, I watched the videos and she did great during the interview. Well done Zo! 

Tweet of the Week..
'If I was in charge of transport I'd have pink glitter trains, mirrors to do make up on way to work, music and waiter service. #EssexStyle'@missgemcollins
Sounds like my kinda train. ;)

Hope you've all had a fab week!!



  1. I love your blog, I would like to nominate you for the Leibster award, There are more details on my blog. It's for bloggers with fewer than 3000 followers and a great way to get to know other bloggers. I've asked you 11 questions. Can't wait to read your post

    Lots of love Oresiri xoxo

  2. Aw thanks so much. I've already received the award just recently, but I'll happily answer the questions for you :)


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