Sunday, 1 September 2013

My Week - Aug25th-31st

Hey lovelies,

Hope you've all had a fab week. I went back to work this week, so haven't been up to anything exciting, unfortunately. I've been pretty tired. Having 6 weeks of blissful lie ins, holidays, days out, lazy days with the little man and general do-what-I-want-ness, then having to get back into the routine of work is pretty hard!!

A few pictures from this week..

1. At the beginning of the week, I treated myself and the boys to a HUGE cake fest, from a local company called Wellbaked, that deliver cakes and goodies to your door - amazing!!
2. A quote I found, and popped in my Starting Off: Skincare post for #theSOproject this week.
3. An amazing product - Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, which I unfortunately ran out of this week, but reviewed here.
4. I had a little shopping haul, which you can read about here.

5. I wore Essie Sand Tropez on my nails this week, read my post here.
6. I've purchased yet another Cut & Sew top this week, it's probably my fave so far!! Read my post about Cut & Sew clothing here.
7. This is what happens when we're sat in the hairdressers..  'Mummy can I play with your phone?'
8. My gorgeous boy looking slightly more attractive than the previous photo!! <3

Favourite Product of the Week...
After reading all the skincare posts from this weeks #theSOproject, I realised that I really need to up my game when it came to looking after my skin. I'd received a sample of Philosophy's Purity cleanser in a recent Glossybox beauty box so I began adding it to both my morning and evening skincare routine, and I'm loving it. My skin feels so clean, and it hasn't bought me out in a breakout. Creamy goodness for my skin, my favourite product this week for sure!

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
As Summer is coming to an end, I've started to move away from my Summery favourites, and I've been reaching for my D&G 3 L'Imperatrice this week, it's a gorgeous, classy fragrance. I love it.

Favourite Bit of the Week...
It may well have to be our night in eating cake and watching movies!!

What I Learnt this Week...
I learnt that my skincare routine, although getting better, is still lacking and I need to be looking after my skin lots more!!

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
I stumbled upon this blogpost by Becky at The Little Blog of Beauty about a website that has a tool called a Cosmetics Calculator, which allows you to enter the batch code and it will tell you how old the product is. This is a fantastic tool, as outdated products can be harmful. I'll be using this when I next have a clearout of my make up box!!

Favourite TV of the Week...
It has to be the return of the X Factor right? Saturday night telly just got good again ;) Its great to see Sharon back, she's hilarious. I do get a bit fed up with how set up and fake the show is nowadays, but nonetheless it's entertaining and I can't stop watching!! Wasn't Sam from Leicester, at the end of the show, fantastic?? We've literally just got home from Asda and we spotted her in there, trying to do her shopping but was constantly having to stop for people who wanted to chat, and well wishers. She looked a little overwhelmed bless her, bet that was the longest shop she ever did! She should've gone yesterday, nobody would've batted an eyelid ;) 

Tweet of the Week...
'Why are blogging events ALWAYS on a weeknight?' - @BeckyBedbug 
Okay so they're not always on a weeknight, but the majority of them are. It's such a shame, for those of us that work full time, and have children. I'm an early years teacher, so I work term time, so I can't even take any days off. Its frustrating, as there are so many events that I want to attend, but can't. 

How was your week? Hope next week is a fab one for you all!!



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    I've nominated you for the Liebster award.
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    I think your blog deserve to be nominated :)
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