Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Week - Sept22nd-29th

Hi guys,

So this week has been mainly spent in bed. I've only managed to spend a few hours out of bed as of yesterday, and I haven't left the house since Tuesday. I've not been able to shower without the help of my boyfriend, I look and feel about 6 months pregnant and I can't yet stand up straight. I'm going slightly stir crazy and turned into a bit of a whinge bag.

I had my surgery on Tuesday. And luckily, all went well and the results came back fine. 
I was really looked after in hospital, and so glad I'd gone private. It was like being waited on hand and foot in a hotel, and the staff were so lovely. 
Recovery has been slow, but I'm getting there. James has been my knight in shining armour this week, he's been at my beckon call whenever I needed him, looked after me so well and also kept the house running smoothly. He's been amazing!

Update on my Spending Ban - I've purchased a couple of bits from my WishList as part of my PayDay treat. I'll share those with you soon. Other than that, I haven't bought myself anything, which has been pretty hard holed up in bed with the temptation of online shopping at my fingertips! :)

I haven't had a very exciting week holed up in bed, but here are some pictures from this week...
Some cards and gifts from work to wish me a speedy recovery | Some lovely bits Ive been sent for review that I can't wait to try out when I'm back to normal | How cute is the card Bradley made me for when I got out of hospital | Our favourite programme Breaking Bad is ending this week, we're gutted it's finishing. I was playing around with a silly app to create our names Breaking Bad styleee!

Favourite Product of the Week...
Yes I've spent 80% of the week in bed. No I haven't left the house since Tuesday. But yes this is me, and I still attempted to help me feel a little more alive by prettifying myself with a little make up. And I tried out a new product this week. I usually use an eyebrow powder to do my eyebrows, but I've been trialling the MAC Eye Brows pen in spiked and I absolutely love it. It gives a much better finish, I much prefer using this. New fave right here.

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I probably say this every week nowadays, but I obviously haven't been wearing any fragrance this week but have been attempting to refresh my hair with my Herra Protect Perfume as I can't wash my hair yet. Ew.

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Well there havent been many exciting parts as you can imagine! :) I think my favourite part may've been when my bestest paid me a visit to see how I was. She'd also bought me a lipstick from my blog Wishlist. Love her!

What I Learnt This Week...
That some people are really rude and opinionated. Have an opinion on me by all means, but don't make indirect tweets towards me. And especially don't make a negative comment about me then be all nice to me afterwards. #JustSayin ;)

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
I'm really enjoying reading APinchOfShaz lately. Shaz is weeks away from giving birth to her little princess, yet look how amazing she still looks!!? I resembled an ugly hippo at this point in my pregnancy, yet Shaz is still absolutely gorgeous! Check her out! 

Favourite TV of the Week...
James moved the Apple TV box into the bedroom for me, so Netflix has been my best friend. I've really got into a new series called Life Unexpected, a teenage girl goes in search of her real parents after spending her life going from bad foster family to bad foster family.

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'Once Breaking Bad is over I'm going to have to find other things starring @aaronpaul_8 & his perfect teeth. I'll miss that 'bitch' ;)' - @ZozeeBo

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Have a good week everyone...



  1. Awww this is so sweet! I'm so happy you enjoy reading my posts, I always wonder if I bore people haha I do feel like I probably weigh the same size as a hippo :L xx

  2. I love netflix, I have started watching breaking bad and I really like it :)

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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