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Starting Off - Bronzer

Welcome to my fourth post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice.

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So, we've prepped and primed our skin with our skin care routine, covered our blemishes with concealer and applied our foundation..

Now let's talk: Bronzer...
Bronzer is a type of cosmetic that allows you to look glowing and sun-kissed, naturally, without the use of tanning products. It is meant to give the impression that you've caught a healthy dose of sunshine to the face.

Bronzer is available in powder or liquid/gel form. There are so many on the market to choose from, you're pretty much spoilt for choice. There are also many different shades and finishes to choose from, so experiment to find one to suit you. You might find that you want a few different kinds for different looks or occasions.

Finding the right bronzer for you...
If you're going for a natural all-over tan: 
Choose a bronzer only a shade or 2 deeper than your skin tone for this. Powder is probably best. It can be applied all over the face and neck, as you're going for a very subtle, warm look, but remember lightly and gently is key! You're going for sun-kissed, not umpa lumpa! A good, thick powder brush with soft, wide bristles is needed, go for fluffy with a rounded tip. Tap off the excess powder then softly sweep over your foundation. A matte bronzer is great for a natural look, or one with a slight highlighter,but remember less is more. You can always add a highlighter later. Practice makes perfect!
If you're going for a bronzed look: 
Choose a bronzer a few shades lighter than your skin tone. A powder or liquid/gel will work. You need to be applying only to the parts of the fact that the sun would hit, using gentle, light strokes apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, brow bone, below the cheekbones (suck in the cheeks!) and the jaw lines. It is almost like you're drawing a '3' shape on either side of you face. Use a light hand, you can build up if needed, but less is more. This is called contouring, so look out for the right tools to use. Again practice, practice, practice.
If you're going for a party/highlighted look: 
Choose a highlighting, pearly bronzer with a nice shimmer. A powder or liquid with a glittery or glowing finish are great for glamming up an evening look. Add a little under the cheekbones, the sides of your nose, a little on the forehead and jaw lines with a smaller brush or fingers. Remember to blend in well, and again start off with a little and add more if needed, you don't want to look too shiny!

Always check your application in daylight, make sure it's even and blended well. Any streaks, or if you've applied too much, blend down with a cotton pad or add a little more base powder.

Normal/Oily skin - Powder based bronzers are best.
Dry skin - Cream or gel based bronzers are best. 

Fair skin - try honey, pink or peachy colours.
Medium skin - try rose bronze, gold or copper colours.
Dark skin - try tawny, amber or dark tan colours.


These are the bronzers/bronzing highlighters in my collection:

MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Larait - My favourite, most used bronzer. This limited edition bronzer was huge, so is lasting ages. It includes a bronze, blush & highlighting skin finish. I sweep this all over my face, it's such a nice colour. 

MeMeMe Shimmy Shimmer in Gold Bronze - This bronzer is more of a shimmery bronzer, good for highlighting the cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline. Less is more with this as it is very shimmery, but it is well used as you can see :)

W7 Africa Bronzer - I love this, it was a present from a friend from House of Fraser, I'm not sure it is available in stores now but on Amazon for a mere £1.50!! It is such a lovely bronzer too!! I gently sweep this all over, or more precisely on my cheekbones, forehead, nose & jaw. 

MAC Archies Girls Face Powder - This is advertised as a face powder, but I often use this all over as an all over glow.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Adored - A highlighting bronzer, one of my favourites for an all over highlighter. 

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder - This is nice to carry around for a quick touch up on the go, as it includes a built in brush.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for the Face - I don't use this too much to be honest, gel isn't my fave to use on the face, but now and then, on a sunny day I'll blend a little into my cheeks for a long lasting glow. It works well when mixed with your usual moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser.

Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo - Another favourite, the bronze mixed with the pink leaves a lovely healthy glow. I use this gently all over for a natural glow, or more precisely on the cheek bones, forehead, nose & jaw.

Experimenting with different products, different shades and lots of practise and you'll soon have a healthy sun-kissed glow that'll make you look like you've had a week in the sunshine! 
Dont worry... we won't tell! ;)

That's my take on Bronzer. Join me next week to talk Blusher.
Remember to use the Twitter hashtag #theSOproject to read more Bronzer posts from the 120+ other bloggers taking part in this project. 

Feel free to comment with your links to your Bronzer posts as part of #theSOproject.



  1. Brilliant post!



  2. You've got an awesome collection! I love that Wonder Woman bronzer! I didn't like the packaging when it came out, but the product looks really pretty! xx

  3. Your collection just lovely, I'd love to try out the Body Shop one, it looks so cool!


  4. I must say, I have been wanting the Bourjois bronzer for a while, but your post on The Body Shop's Honey bronzer has got me lusting for it! I want! Lovely post xx

  5. Really enjoyed this post. I had the W7 Africa but like my contour kits it seems to have disappeared somewhere in the house! I like to use it more as a highlighter than bronzer but it is such a lovely colour once applied.

  6. So many lovely bronzers! I only have about three because I am pretty new to contouring. I love NARS Laguna Bronzer for Summer and Talavou Naturals Glo Bronzer for the rest of the year. What are your thoughts on Benefit Sunbeam (if any?)

    Kate Xx


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