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Starting Off - Concealer

Welcome to my second post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice

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So we've tackled the skincare, our skin is now beautifully cleansed and moisturised...

Now lets talk : Concealer...
Concealer is a kind of cosmetic used before foundation, to cover up any blemishes, dark circles or any other skin imperfections, offset natural shadows and also highlight parts of the face.  It can be used on it's own, but I personally think it works much better when blended with foundation. 

There are many different types of concealer available, and it depends on the outcome and the job you want the concealer to do as to which you should choose.
You may wish to choose a shade lighter than you're skin tone for covering blemishes and dark circles - although I personally find that it can look too light on my skin, so I usually go with the same shade of my foundation. 

Which concealer is best for you?
Yellow undertones are designed for hiding dark circles.
Green/Blue undertones are designed to counteract red patches/marks.
Skin-toned concealers are designed to blur and hide imperfections. 

Cream concealer - available in pots or palettes, applied with a brush, thick in consistency, light/medium  coverage, long lasting, easily blend able, soft texture, can be used for all blemishes/imperfections..
Stick concealer - available in lipstick style sticks, apply directly to skin or with a brush, medium/heavy coverage, easy to carry around, best for blemishes, scars and redness..
Pencil concealer - available in chunky pencil form, apply directly to skin, can be difficult to blend, medium coverage, good for fine lines.. 
Liquid concealer - available in squeezy tubes, applied with a brush, light/liquid consistency, light coverage, good for large areas..
Powder concealer - available in powder pot form, usually made with natural minerals, applied with a brush, lightweight, light coverage, good for fine lines and reducing shine..
Wand concealer - available in lipgloss style bottles, apply directly to skin with wand, easily blend able, long lasting, easy to carry around..

That may all seem a bit overwhelming, but you'll soon find one to suit you and your skins needs. It maybe a good idea to have a few different types in your collection, for different areas. But once you've tried a few, hopefully you'll find that holy grail concealer that suits you perfectly and does all the jobs you need it to, all in one concealer.


Fortunately, I have found that holy grail concealer that works for me. And that is in the form of MAC's Studio Finish concealer. Studio Finish is a cream concealer, in a pot. It is lightweight, creamy and discreetly opaque. It contains SPF 35, is emollient based and full of yummy antioxidants, vitamins and silica, and is not only water resistant but is also fragrance free and non-blemishgenic. 

Using my bright pink Topshop Concealer brush, I begin by gently apply my concealer to the insides of my eyes and underneath my eyes, to cover the blue-ish tones in the inside corners, and any dark circles under my eyes. Next I apply it lightly around my nose, as this area can be quite red. My lips are very red, and although I'm aware that some people would love this, I'm not a fan and lightly blend concealer around my lips before covering any blemishes on my chin, as this is where I tend to breakout. 

I find that my MAC Studio Finish conceals my blemishes and imperfections really well and has great lasting power. I use it in NW20, the same shade as my foundation, so it blends really well. Theres nothing worse than seeing someone that has used a concealer too light for their skin under their eyes or pinpointing any blemishes, the majority of the time, a concealer that matches your foundation is perfect! But trial and error will show what is best for you.
I never have to use any other types of concealer. If I'm ever suffering from any nasty blemishes (such as the nasty one my hormones have treated me to this week.. grr!) I use my MAC Studio Tech for touchups throughout the day, so I don't need to carry my concealer around with me - it does the job just nicely! 

So, that's my take on Concealer. Join me next week to talk Foundation.
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  1. I love how you've listed all the different concealer types and their uses, I've never really thought about how each are better for different uses before.
    Love Em x

    My #thesoproject post >> http://whatemloves.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/starting-off-concealer.html

  2. Great post!! I'm loving The SO project :)



  3. Love that Calvin Klein quote! Very detailed post!


  4. Ooh I like how you've done a guide to concealers as well - very useful!
    The MAC concealer looks really good too

  5. I love this MAC concealer, it's my favourite one atm! xx


  6. I love that first picture you have! And where did you get the pink brush?! That's super cute! Really great post! :)

  7. Great post! :-) Would love you to check mine out too xx


  8. Love the Post :) very informative! loving this starting off project.




  9. Love your description of the different tones of concealer!

  10. Love seeing everyones concealers on these posts, mac is always a winner!
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie


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