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Anti-Ageing Project #1

Hey beauties!

Welcome to the very first post of the Anti-Ageing Project. Set up and founded by myself, with the help of other bloggers/readers to discuss all things anti-ageing.
From this project we're hoping to get our hands on the secrets to youthful, pore-free, flawless skin, great teeth and amazing hair that never ages!

So get involved, share some tips, advice and stories with us, each fortnight...
Read the introduction post here.



Welcome to my almost naked face!! ;) 
So this is me, heading rather quickly towards the big 30. Waahhhh!! Although this picture doesn't fully show the signs of ageing, they're there, believe me, they're very much there. 
Unfortunately for me, I've only really been attempting to properly take care of my skin with a good skin care routine, for the past couple of years, which considering I've been wearing a full face of make up since my teens, isn't great news!
I've always looked quite young for my age, so I didn't really think I needed to worry. Wrong. I'm now the unfortunate owner of some forehead lines, some quite prominent frown lines in between my brows (I squint a lot, and find myself frowning whilst I'm concentrating), some dark circles under my eyes, and some rather annoying, extremely obvious smile lines around my mouth (I feel as though I'm being punished for smiling - selfish or what?!) 

I have combination/sensitive skin so finding skincare products that also have anti-ageing benefits can be tricky. Read more about my skincare routine here

At the moment the anti-ageing products I'm using are an eye cream, day moisturiser, a night cream and an anti-ageing CC Cream. I'm currently using No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream (£16.00) which I read somewhere (after purchasing) that it is aimed at women 40+, oops. But that said, it promises to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, visibly lift and even out skin tone in 4 weeks, so I'm happy with that. The day moisturiser I'm currently working through is Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Lifting Cream (£28.00), then I'll prep my skin with Olay Regenerist CC Cream (£24.99) and the night cream is Soap & Glory Night In Shining Armour Night Cream (£13.00) so I'll let you know how I get on with those. 
I also swear by Chanel Lift Lumiere Firming & Smoothing Foundation (£38.00) - it's one of my holy grail products that I use constantly. It aims to visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines away, and I can vouch for this totally working!! I can really see a difference when I don't use this foundation, particularly with my smile and frown lines. It's amazing stuff I promise you!
I'm looking forward to finding some tips and advice through this project on other top products to try, and I'm actually interested to read of any natural remedies and also some non-surgerical procedures, such as derma rollers etc...


Hey everyone I am Rachel and I blog over at and I am in my early 30’s.  I started taking care of my skin in my teens, like most people it began with exfoliating (St Ives), moisturising (Johnson’s baby lotion) as well as dipping in and out of the Clearasil regime and the occasional face mask.  Then as I got older I began to take more of an interest as to what was in products like those nasty little parabens we are all actively trying to avoid and looking at what products claimed they could do for my skin.Now my skin is combination leaning towards the oily/dry side of things.  Oily T-zone but my cheeks tend to become quite dry, so my skincare routine changes with the seasons and add to that I live in London, pollution and other radicals are also taken into account.  So when looking for a product I need something that does a little bit of everything and doesn’t totally dry my skin out, doesn’t make it more oily, doesn’t enlarge my pores and most importantly makes my skin look amazing which is quite hard to achieve.  I also want something that will delay fine lines and wrinkles as well as moisturise, soften, smooth and soothe my skin.
I am yet to try a skincare product whose main focus is anti-ageing mainly because I haven’t come across/found one which screams at me to try it.  What I do do is cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and when it comes to moisturise I use a cream which has an SPF between 15-30 to my face plus an eye cream from Healgel which I reviewed HERE and in an evening I apply a night cream and again the Healgel eye cream.  I also use an exfoliating face wash at least once a week and then a face mask at least once a week.  All the time ensuring that any dirt, grime, excess oil, dry flaky skin etc… are all removed and banished leaving my skin looking soft, smooth and hydrated.I am quite interested and eager to read about the anti-ageing creams, lotions and potions that other people use and swear and by, so I will be reading these posts with interest.


The Natural Skincare Company are an online company supplying ethical beauty from ethical companies, specialising in organic and natural beauty products. All suppliers are researched well and products are personally tested and guaranteed by the founder, Amanda, who is extremely choosy about the products and ranges they supply.One of the ranges available is the Paul Penders range, featuring vegan friendly, organic, natural skin and hair care. 

Paul Penders is an active environmentalist and avid animal rights activist who's philosophy of 'no chemicals' and 'no animal testing' has led to him creating his own natural, herbal skincare and make up line. A few products I like the look of include the Natural Mineral Foundation Blush (£14.95) which promises to softens fine lines and smooths out skin tone. The Kigelia Lipo & Phyto-Tocotrienol Firmer Curves (£31.50) is a natural alternative to surgical procedures by regenerating collagen and elastin in the skin to increase bust firmness. Result! I also like the look of the Plantago Eye Gel (£27.50) which includes a wonder herb which lessens eye bags, dark rings, shadows, lines and wrinkles. The range also includes many other anti-ageing goodies including clarifying lotions to improve elasticity & reduce fine lines and wrinkles and a control serum promising to reverse the signs of ageing amongst others.

The Natural Skincare Company have very kindly offered the readers of TheBrunetteSays... 20% off anything from the Paul Renders range using the CODE: TBS20. Click here to visit the website and take advantage of this offer. 


So I guess I should introduce myself – I’m Hannah from and I’m here because the lovely Lianne asked me to do a little post about anti-ageing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty young to be thinking about this new realm of beauty but it’s actually something that’s been a big part of my life.
Growing up with a mother who is slightly obsessed with her ageing skin – I have managed to learn every trick in the book and hear about all the new crazes for winding back the years. Not only that, I’ve been blessed with having some lovely crows feet at the corner of my eyes that I’ve had since I can’t even remember. This has meant I’ve used more anti-ageing products than I care to remember. These two reasons, along with my want to not have the same strong worries of my mum, have made me decide that you can never be too young to use anti-ageing products.

I also trained as a makeup artist and skincare was a big part of that training. I have many things I could talk about – be it facial exercises, products that have proved their worth, the new ‘must-have’ product is at the moment, treatments, what you should eat (and that you shouldn’t) in order to combat the ageing process, and many more things. Leave a comment below if you have any preferences on what you want me to talk about first and I’ll make sure I do for you :)
Personally I really do believe in using facial exercises – it’s still a bit of a taboo in the beauty world with many people not bothering, not believing in them or even knowing what they are. I have also found some products and treatments that really do work – but at what price? And you see it working, but are there side effects? Choosing what you eat is also a huge factor. Apparently sugar is the worst culprit, to the point where you don’t even eat potatoes! Making sure you eat for your skin, but also for your body is a huge challenge that most of us don’t even have the time to think about!

Wrinkles are not the only sign of ageing though, don’t get me wrong – age spots and losing that lack of ‘plumpness’ in your skin are just a few things that can add to this worry – how are we girls meant to battle all three? AT THE SAME TIME!

Well all I hope is that my contribution to this anti-ageing project can just help a little bit in offering ideas or showing you what works and what doesn’t – so you don’t have to!


Although I'm only 21, my sister and mother have always sworn that the key to good skin when you get older is by taking good care of it when you are young. My Mum's skin is fantastic for her age and she is certain it's because she's been looking after it all her life. Up until the beginning of this year, I genuinely never cleansed or toned, I was so lazy with my Skincare and that lead to a big telling off from my sister and her rushing out to buy me some products to get me started, now I'm almost addicted! I'm quite the sunbed worshipper when I get the time (I know, I know) so I'm constantly worried that my skin will become leathery as I get older. I'm never afraid to try anti-ageing products, even at my age as I think that they can have benefits for us all. Right now my skin type seems to be shifting from dry to either oily or combination, I'm not too sure as it's not settled down yet, but that in itself is a challenge as it seems to have undone all of the work I've put in up until now. At the moment my skin is dull, suffering from breakouts and I cannot shift the bags under my eyes no matter what I do, my neck is also is in desperate need of firming so these are the things that I'm looking to change over the coming weeks and hopefully I'll be able to update you all on my progress and share with you which products are working! I've got a couple of new products (who I'm going to keep a secret for now!) that I'm really excited about trying, some are other people's holy grail products and some have made some pretty big promises! I hope that you're looking forward to reading this project as much as I'm looking forward to being part of it! 


Fancy getting involved in the Anti-Ageing project? 
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What would you like to see in the next fortnights post? 
If you have any questions, comments or information for this weeks contributors - comment below!

Next fortnight: Anti-ageing product reviews, tips and advice, skin updates and I have received some lovely products for a super GIVEAWAY for TheBrunetteSays... readers.



  1. This is an awesome post! I always feel like I should be "seriously" starting to look at anti-aging products now as I feel I am getting older! Look forward to more posts like this!


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