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Anti-Ageing Project #2 [& GIVEAWAY]

Hey beauties!

Welcome to the second post of the Anti-Ageing Project. 
Set up and founded by myself, with the help of other bloggers/readers to discuss all things anti-ageing.
From this project we're hoping to get our hands on the secrets to youthful, pore-free, flawless skin, great teeth and amazing hair that never ages!

So get involved, share some tips, advice and stories with us, each fortnight...

Catch up with the previous posts:

I'm not a fan of the dark, uneven skin under my eyes. Nor the fine lines that are beginning to accompany them. So I use an eye cream daily.

I've just come to the end of the No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream (£16.00).

I picked this up as part of an offer in Boots during the summer. I wasn't aware at the time that this eye cream is aimed at ages 45-60. Ooops. But that's not a problem. It promises to reduce the appearance of crow's feet, visibly lift and even skin tone and that's exactly what I'm after...I used this every morning after cleansing, by squeezing a little from the tube onto my fingers and smoothing and dabbing gently around my eye area with my ring finger, making sure I don't pull or drag the delicate skin around my eye. The consistency is a light cream which is nice to apply and sinks in well, it isn't at all greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving a nice primed-feel base ready for makeup application. I find that when I first use my eye cream, along with my whole skincare range, I do notice a difference in the appearance of the skin around my eyes. My eyes look brighter, more hydrated and the appearance of my fine lines are less noticeable, and with make up are almost invisible. Unfortunately the results aren't long lived and halfway through the day I notice the fine lines making an appearance, and it hasn't really changed my uneven skin tone at all, unfortunately. I've been using the cream every day since the summer, so it has lasted me well, for a 15ml tube. I do like this cream, it feels lovely and I have noticed a difference, albeit a short lived one. It works well on my sensitive skin, doesn't leave any build up and feels good on the skin. However it hasn't worked wonders on my dark circles and uneven skin tone. I will say though, my eye area is much more hydrated and the skin feels a lot firmer.
Read my full review on this product here.


Sara from Sookiespartan

No one enjoys aging, but it's how you embrace it (or don't ) that defines you. This is me. Sookiespartan, a.k.a Sara. I'll be 28 in a couple of months, and I'm proud to say I still get mistaken for other students, by students (I work in the schools). How? I do my best to nurture my face and give it what it needs. However, I'm often on a drugstore budget (if you head over to my blog, you'll see I'm not always successful).
I often use sunscreen or a day moisturizer with SPF in it, but I also use the following and have done so since my mid-20's...
Eye cream or gel at night is very important! Your lids need moisturized too, and this is a great way to keep the elastin in your skin from running away.
Night cream. This tends to be a bit thicker and more deeply sinks into your skin, again helping with the elastin in your skin. I use anti-wrinkle cream (and eye gel) from Olay. It smells great and I feel, really smoothes out my skin at night and helps it feel refreshed!
What are your go to creams?


Becka from BeckasBeautyBlog

Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream £95* - I've never particularly used specific anti-ageing products before so I was a tad dubious as to how this was going to work for me as I couldn't really describe my skin as particularly aged. I'll admit that I've been a tad on and off with using this due to living in two different houses however I saw effects immediately, the morning after using this my skin looked and felt plumper and brighter. This is fantastic for when my skin needs a pick me up! It smooths my skin and just gives me that little pick me up. It is really rather on the pricey side however you get quite a lot in the tub and only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face and as I said, instant results are always a bonus! My complexion has definately evened out (to the point that I stopped wearing foundation for over a week!) and my skin feels tighter and firmer. I cannot praise this highly enough and can't wait to get my hands on more of this range!


Rachel from BeautyQueenUK

My anti-ageing journey has been going on for as long as I can remember. My main focal point currently is my eyes.  As I hit 30 I suddenly worried that everything would drop south and that i hadn't been doing enough.

In this post I thought I would talk about my eyes.  I am quite lucky that I don't have many lines around my eyes, whether that means I haven't smiled enough so far is my life I don't know, but I have very few.  Is this down to products I have used?  I don't know, but as I take good care of my skin and use specific products for the eye area, I'd like to believe this is why.
One of the products I am using at the minute is called HealGel and I have written about it HERE on my blog.  Healgel has many benefits which are described as follows:
“HealGel Eye is a peerless anti-ageing formula that can help to diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.  Refreshing and lightweight it provides a perfect base for make-up or a pick-me-up for tired eyes so that you can look well-rested even if you’re not“. 
There are many things I love about this product which starts with the packaging and ends with how easy to use the pump action bottle is.  But I can only like a product and rave about it if it doesn't something.  In the case of HealGel if states it will:
"soften the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and improve the elasticity of the skin through intense hydration. Light diffusers in the gel further improves sallow areas for a brightening and smoothing effect"  

In short this is exactly what it does.  If you have puffiness around your eyes, a dark circle, tired looking eyes and want that bright eye look, this product is perfect for doing that and for me it works really really well.  The cream is more of a serum and it is a fairly thick consistency, so you only need to use a really small amount to massage under the eye and as you apply it is incredibly soothing and it really does brighten the undereye making you more alert.
I would love to know what products people use for their eye’s and what they find works for them.
The Link to the post:


Kae-Toya Lee from Miakhymai

Hello my name is Kae-Toya and I blog over at I am here because I thought this would be a fun project to get involved in, learn new tips and tricks from the other girls as well as sharing my 2 pennies. I have oily skin and when I say oily I really mean OIL-EEEEEEEE. My major skin concerns arise from my cystic acne. I had one really bad breakout which literally lasted for about 2 months. Ever since then I have had reoccurring inflammation in the same area along with other spots. I have always been obsessed with skincare and quite a few of my family members were surprised when I went to Study Economics, Money and Banking at uni instead of Cosmetology. 
My aunts have definitely been contributors/enablers to my skincare lovin’ habits when I was younger (and even now).  While I was at uni a few of my friends were really into skincare a lot of stuff from the body shop and my other friend/housemate was into high end skincare, so between all of them I have tried and tested a few things and here I am.  L’Occitane, Body shop – Vitamin E, Seaweed, Tea Tree, Clarins, La Roche Posay, Avene, Garnier Naturals, Clinique I have tried quite a few things on this face of mine. 
In terms of anti- Ageing I dabble in a few things water, sunblock, eating veggies and taking cod liver oil/ Flaxseed oil. Whatever goes on in your gut manifests itself in your face. I drink at least 1 – litres of water a day.  I need my body to be hydrated, due to the fact that I am so active, I walk everywhere. I can actually tell the difference in my skin when I am hydrated compared to when I am not. That sallow look I am not a fan of that at all.  Wearing sunblock is imperative for my since I am trying to get rid of some of my acne scarring, and prevent wrinkles from forming, I would like to be as well preserved as possible ladies and gents! In my family it is not dinner/supper if the meal has no veggies.  I eat 1 cup of veggies every night with my evening meal, it is something I have been practicing for over 2 years and it works well for me.  What you eat does contribute to your overall health and in turn your skin. I take  2 -3  Fish oil capsules every day for my overall health, also I recently found out that fish oil contributes to a plumping effect in the skin, more power to that. 
One thing I would like to incorporate into my routine is an eye cream. 


Bio2You | RemedyNaturalProducts

Remedy Natural Products say...
'Seabuckthorn is amazing! Bio2You Seabuckthorn is a natural, organic, anti-ageing, wrinkle reducing and moisturising skin care range. Regular use will help to prevent wrinkles and ageing particularly around the face and eyes.
Our products are natural, free of alcohol, parabens, SLS, artificial colours and fragrances, not tested on animals and organically certified!
Seabuckthorn grows along many northern European coastlines and has vivid, orange berries. The berries are gently processed to retain the properties of Seabuckthorn oil.
Bio2You Seabuckthorn is really amazing - it contains over 190 active substances!'

The lovely people at Remedy Natural Products have sent me some full size goodies from their Bio2You Seabuckthorn range for a giveaway for TheBrunetteSays... readers. Including: 
Anti-Ageing Organic Seabuckthorn Omega 3-6-7-9 Revitalising Serum (worth £24.95). They've also sent some sachets of their seabuckthorn cream for everyone that contributed to the post today.

To be in with a chance of getting your hands on these fantastic products, see the rafflecopter below.

Giveaway will be live for 2 weeks. Winner will be announced in next fortnights Anti-Ageing Project post.


Fancy getting involved in the Anti-Ageing project? 
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Next fortnight: More anti-ageing product reviews, tips and advice, skin updates, money off codes for a fab anti-ageing skincare range 

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