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Life | My Week [Oct14-20]

Hey you!

HOW cold is it getting?? It's bloomin' freezing! I don't work well with this weather, being cold makes me miserable! :( I do need to purchase some trousers that actually fit me though, I've been practically living in leggings this Autumn. I tell ya what though, I've had more comments about my new Primarni jacket this week than I have on jackets I've spent 3 times as much on! How ironic! :)

It was the last week of term this week so been super busy getting things done. I'm massively excited for my week off though, James has the week off too, so I'm looking forward to lots of time with my boys!!

I had Bradley's parents evening this week, and it was great. I was SO proud of him. He's come on so much this year, which is undoubtedly due to his new teacher (...and my parenting skills hopefully!), he now enjoys school a lot more and is doing really well. He knows he's done well and he's really proud of himself, he's worked really hard. We've been treating him a lot as he deserves it. Also booked the venue for his birthday party - it's not until next May! But it's his 10th Birthday so I want to make a big deal out of it. 10?? I'm going to have a 10 year old?! When did that happen? Where did my baby go??

Update on my Spending Ban - Still no beauty products been purchased, hope you're all proud of me! ;)

Here are some pictures from this week...
I cut all my nails down short this week as they were breaking, I wore Angelica Nail Colour in Angel, a cute iridescent blue with pink tint | Aromawakening's Spearmint & Nettle Vegan Soap* - a lovely natural,  handmade soap I reviewed here | I was sent these fab Dermalogica skincare goodies this week, I'm a big fan of the Daily Microfoliant I reviewed here so I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the range out | Saturday morning selfie - how young do I look?! 

Favourite Product of the Week...
I introduced a serum into my skincare routine this week. I was a bit dubious, as didn't think it was necessary but as I'm starting to head towards 30 and beginning to fight the signs of ageing, I had SO many serums in my collection that I decided to give one a go. They promise to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, brighten up the skin and even out skin tone. I've been using Pukka Radiance Serum (£24.00) and it feels really nice on my skin.

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
To be honest, I've been reaching for my Impulse body spray in Sweet Smile regularly this week. It's a really yummy smell, pear and jasmine - really girly and a quick spray has freshened me up nicely this week.

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Bradley's Parents Evening - and seeing how proud of himself he was! He said he used to get worried when I went to parents evening as he knew he'd been a bit silly, but he knew he'd done better this term. I was really happy with him. James & I have treated him, his dad is treating him this weekend and he's looking forward to some Bradley & James time on Monday when he takes him for milkshakes at Tinseltown. :)

What I Learnt this Week...
I'm in a really hard position, fighting with myself about what I want to do with myself in terms of my career. Finding that balance between being happy and doing what's best for me, my family and our plans is a struggle. You only live once, life is short, and I don't want to spend day in day out unhappy, I want to be doing something I enjoy.

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
My favourite post this week was the Blogging Pet Hates post over on NotYourAverage. Emma writes about things that annoy her when reading blog posts, from things like people forgetting to wax their top lip before posting lipstick pictures, people that purchase beauty products only to 'review' it after only a couple of uses, then selling it soon after & people that review and swatch lipsticks halfway up their arms! It caused a bit of a stir, but I pretty much agreed with everything she said. ;)

Favourite TV of the Week...
I'm a bit of a Netflix addict and love getting into a new series on there. While I was off work recovering from surgery I started watching Samantha Who featuring Christina Applegate, about a woman that gets amnesia after a car accident leaves her in a coma, and forgets everything from her previous life. It's fab, funny and addictive!! I'll have to go on the search for the following seasons once I've got through this one!

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'Finally #HalfTerm' - @Emily_Elf
Pretty much says it all. Sums up my week quite perfectly! ;)

Catch up on this weeks blogposts...

Have a fab week guys!

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  1. Ah! Glad you enjoyed reading it so much! We went to Tinseltown yesterday! Adam demolished the Empire Burger Challenge!! And I had a yuuuummy Ferrero Rocher Milkshake!


  2. Love the Angelica nail polish in your first pic!
    Jen xx

  3. Looking forward to see what you think of Dermalogica xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Im looking forward to trying them! I love the microfoliant, so hoping I love the others just as much! :)


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