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Life | My Week [Sep30-Oct6]

Hi guys,

Hope you've all had a fab week!
I was still recovering from my op at the beginning of the week, was back on my feet but still struggling and feeling quite sore and uncomfortable. I had to sell my tickets to a Lawson gig this week as I wasn't well enough to go. But after having my stitches out on Thursday eve I started getting back to normal, and I'm now feeling lots better!

I've spent the week pottering around at home, it has actually been really nice to pick Bradley up from school a couple of days too, as with working full time, I never get to do that. 
I then had a relaxing Saturday at home getting some blogposts scheduled. And yesterday, my first proper day out since having my op, James & I went down to the KP Stadium to watch a charity football match. Celebs such as the TOWIE boys, EastEnders stars, Gareth Gates, Soccer AM stars, the lovely Danny from McFly and some LCFC legends took to the pitch on behalf of the Foxes Foundation to raise money for Alex's Wish. It was a fantastic afternoon so well done to Sellebrity for organising that. It was very strange being at a celebrity event but not meeting any celebs, I'm a bit past it now I think. Back in my teenage days I'd have been straight down there getting my photo took with Mario Falcone ;) I did make it my aim to have my photo taken with at least 1 celeb, but I failed. I chickened out because I was with James I think. ;)

Update on my Spending Ban - I didn't purchase any beauty products. Yay me!

Here are some pictures from this week...
I wore a yummy colour on my nails this week (read more here) | My almost naked face (read more here) | The lovely gifts I was sent from the Leicester Bloggers Meet goody bag that I couldn't make | Selfie 
Mario Falcone | The lovely Dan Osbourne | Dan again | Ian Beale & Gareth Gates

Favourite Product of the Week...
I've been wearing the Accessorize Intense Colour Lipgloss in spirit* a lot this week. It smells amazing, like melted caramel. It's such a nice colour and lasts a good while.

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I've been reaching for my Vera Wang Glam Princess a lot this week. It's a lush smell, fruity, sweet and really girly!

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Ooooh, I'm struggling to decide between Monday night - snuggling up for the Breaking Bad Finale!! Relaxing at the weekend with the XFactor & a big tub of Ben & Jerrys :) or Sunday afternoon watching some celebs running around in shorts! ;)

What I Learnt this Week...
Hmm I learnt a few things, emotionally, this week. I'm going to keep them to myself for now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to tell you all about the journey I've been going through over the past year.

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
I loved reading Emma's Leicester Bloggers Meet Up post this week, as I was so gutted I couldn't make it due to my op. Emma is at - check it out!

Favourite TV of the Week...
Well, it HAS to be the Breaking Bad Finale right? Did you watch it? It was amazing!! James & I loved the series, it was probably the best TV programme we've ever watched. I'm gutted it's over, but it was a fantastic way to finish!

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'How about, instead of student events with money off, shops do a, stressed to hell, skint mothers event? I'd be up for that.' - @BigFashionista. Ha, best tweet of the week. Me too Kellie, where's the Mummy's Lock In?? :)

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Have a fab week lovelies!


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