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Starting Off - Mascara

Welcome to my sixth post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice

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So, we've prepped and primed our skin with our skincare routine, covered our blemishes with our concealer, applied our foundation, bronzed and contoured and popped a little colour onto our cheeks...


Now lets talk: Mascara...

Mascara is a type of make-up applied to the eyelashes. It's aim is to lengthen, curl, define, thicken and colour. It is usually available as a liquid in a tube with a wand applicator, although there are other types out there too.

Mascara can completely change the look of, and draw attention to the eyes. Even if you don't wear much other eye make-up, mascara will open up the eyes and give them more definition. 

Which mascara is best for you?
Lengthening mascara - for those wanting longer looking lashes, perfect for short, straight lashes, brushes usually have dense bristles to go right through to tip, contain fibres that grab onto lashes to give an extension impression, thick in consistency...
Volumising mascara - for those wanting fuller, thicker looking lashes, perfect for thin lashes, designed to compliment lashes adding a coat of wax, paraffin or silicone polymers to make them look thicker...
Colour mascara - go for a coloured mascara for a pop of colour, or those with light hair and skin may prefer to try a brown mascara rather than black...
Waterproof mascara - for those wanting long lasting, smudge proof lashes, contain special synthetic formulas that repel moisture, perfect for emotional ladies ;) and hot and humid weather...

There are many different brushes available, it's shape and size are pretty important to the result!
A thick, hard brush covers the lashes fully and individually, for a thicker look, while  curled/arched brush is used for curling the lashes upwards, many brushes have tiny bristles on the tip of the brush for easy access to those hard to reach corner lashes.
Experiment to find one to suit you!

It can take a bit of practise when applying mascara. Firstly, twist the wand gently inside the tube, never 'pump' the wand as you're pushing air into the mascara which makes it dry out quicker, remove any excess product from your wand and starting at the base of your lashes gently wiggle the wand side to side whilst moving it right through to the tip of your lashes, then curl the wand through your lashes upwards, repeating these actions 2-3 times before you get the acquired result. A good quality mascara should shape your lashes perfectly without the need for you to shape them yourself. Sweep brush from side to side gently through the bottom lashes to finish. 

These are the mascaras currently in my collection:


As you can see I have quite a wide range of many different types, depending on the look or finish I'm after. I've tried soooo many brands over the years. However, I only really use 3 of these on a regular basis...

MAC Prep & Prime Lash - I use this product every single day without fail. It smoothes, preps and conditions my lashes ready for mascara. It helps my mascara last longer and intensifies the build of my mascara. I do own an eyelash curler, but I rarely use it as I feel this product does the job of a curler, and more!

Benefit's They're Real Mascara - Now, I'm expecting to see many pictures of this little beauty across #theSOproject posts as it is a big favourite. It is not said to be the UK's best selling mascara for no reason! It really is an amazing mascara that shapes and widens the eyes dramatically. It does pretty much a little bit of everything - lengthens, separates, lifts and curls. It really is a fab product!

MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara - Another amazing mascara, I love it. It's up there with Benefit's They're Real as the best mascara's I've ever used and will continue to use. It's definitely my all time favourite. My application is effortless with this mascara, as the shape and lift it gives is amazing after a few sweeps.

That's my take on Mascara. Join me next week to talk Eyeliner.
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #theSOproject to read more Mascara. posts from the 120+ other bloggers taking part in this project.

Feel free to comment with your links to your Mascara posts as part of #theSOproject.



  1. great post :) I really want to try the Benefit There Real mascara xx




  2. I have the w7 Big lash mascara- it's great! I loved this blog post introduction, explaining what each week has been like! Great blog post- looking forward to next week! :)
    Please check out my blog & give me some feedback!
    http://hannahsbubbe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/starting-off-mascara-ubc.html xxx

  3. Never thought of using a lash primer but will have to try one!

    Liz xx


  4. Oooo Mac Prep and Prime looks right up my street :) Pleasantly surprised at the price too considering it is MAC. Some high street mascaras are more expensive than that.

    Love Em xx
    What Em Loves

  5. I talked about They're Real in my post too! I also love it like you do :)
    The packaging of that Sexy Curves mascara is really lovely! Don't really see much of that around in reviews!
    Great post!


  6. Eye lash primer sounds awesome! Got some really good tips from this post. As you said, Benefit They're Real is one of the most popular mascaras!

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  7. You have a huge collection! I love They're Real, its my favorite mascara of all time... so far.
    Awesome SO post!

  8. love the Benefit's They're Real Mascara :) great post

  9. Benefit They're Real is my all time favourite mascara, totally worth the money I think!

    Claire x


  10. Sorry it took me a while, but I just got around to reading your post and love how informative it is!
    There are a couple of points you mentioned that I wish I'd put in mine but just totally forgot about
    Good job :D looking forward to seeing next week's post :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com


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