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Beauty | MAC Cosmetics tag

I stumbled upon this tag post over on LippyLikes and since I'm a bit of a MAC addict, I thought I'd give it a go!
If like me you are a MAC fan then why not give it a go. The only rules are that you link back to this page in your post.

How long have you been using MAC?
I think I was about 17/18 when I used my first MAC product. So about 13 years. I used to buy it now and then, online and when I visited Birmingham. And when they opened a MAC store inside my local Debenhams a few years ago I was elated! :)

What was your first MAC product?
It was a lipstick, but I couldn't tell you which one. 

What is your favourite MAC product?
It's hard as I'm a huge MAC fan and nothing beats it! But if I had to choose my all time fave it has to be either Eye Kohl or Studio Tech - most definitely. I buy them over and over, and have done for absolutely years!

What's your least favourite MAC product?
Hmm, it was a foundation, a few years back. But cannot remember which one, I don't think it's available anymore. It didn't have great coverage and I didn't even finish the bottle before purchasing a different one. It was called something like Select?! I can't quite remember. 

Do you own a Pro Card?
Aren't they only available to professionals? 

Your MAC foundation shade:
I'm NW20. 

I love Shroom as a base colour, I buy this a lot. I couldn't choose from any others to be honest, they have a huge range and so many fab colours! I went through a stage at one point of picking one up every time I went in or ordered online, starting at the beginning of the alphabet [so I'd pick one that began with A, then B...] 

Ooh this is hard! I'm a big nude fan so I love Creme d'Nude, Blankety, Myth... etc. I wear these on a daily basis. Plink is a nice creamy pink colour in the summer. And Cherish is my fave autumnal shade. I love a good MAC lipstick, I rarely wear anything else. The creme sheen ones are gorgeous! 

Some that I use on a regular are Underage & C-Thru which are similar creamy nude lip glasses , and Culture Clash which is a sheer pink, almost glittery lip glass that looks nice over the top of a nude lipstick, or on its own. 

I've used the Smolder eye kohl for years and years, every single day without fail. I also use the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in On The Hunt, but I want to try the Penultimate as I find I prefer a pen type liner for better precision. 

I currently don't own any MAC brushes as I like the Real Techniques range, I've been through 2 flat foundation brushes and both broke.

Nail Lacquer:
I don't really use their nail lacquer.

Pro Longwear Product:
I looove the pro long wear blushes, esp the beigey ones, I haven't used one in a while so may have to have a look next time I'm in.

Comment on the following MAC product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:
I haven't used this before but I look at it a lot and wonder if its worth purchasing - has anyone used it??

Studio Sculpt Foundation:
I do like this, I usually use Studio Fix as a daily liquid foundation but I'm trying the Sculpt again next time, it's a really lovely, dewy finish.

Mineralize Skin Finish:
Huuuuge Skinfinish fan!! I'm a sucker for a limited edition and have to peel myself away from the new collections! I use the Natural, which is the perfect pressed powder for finishing a base. Then the Soft & Gentle shimmery finish, on a regular. I also love Adored, a lovely pinky highlighter finish.

Studio Fix Fluid:
This is my usual every day foundation. 

Studio Tech Foundation:
One of my most favourite beauty products ever! I can't sing it's praises enough. Ive used this product for as long as I can remember!! I've always got one on the go, repurchasing every time I hit the pan.

Studio Fix Powder:
It is a fab product, but I need more coverage than this gives alone.

Beauty Powder:
I'm not sure what this is?

Bronzing Powder:
They're nice bronzers and I do use them now and then, but I have found better in other brands.

Powder Blush:
The blushes are lush - I love Sunbasque, although I've hardly any left!

I've never used a Cremeblend if thats what you mean. 

Mineralize Blush:
As with the skin finishes, I'm easily sucked in my the pretty marble effect blushes. I use solar ray at the mo, it's a beauty!

Cream Color Base:
I do like a Cream Colour Base, I currently own Improper Copper and Hush. Hush is def my fave it's a perfect creamy highlighter that I use on cheek bones, brow bones and even lips.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
I haven't tried this.

Select Cover Up Concealer:
I haven't tried this.

Studio Finish Concealer:
Yep, my every day concealer!

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
No, there are just as good high street dupes!!

We've done this haven't we? :)

I do like a lip glass, they look nice over the top of a lipstick.

I don't currently own any but have had in the past.

Cremesheen Glass:
Love love love!!!

Lip Gelee:
Haven't used these.

Lip Pencil:
I don't often use lip pencils.

LOVE pigments, they're so versatile! I own a couple at the mo, Tan & Kitschmas. But I want Vanilla or Naked!

Eye Kohl:
As mentioned, I use their Smolder eye kohl every day without fail and have done for years! No other kohl comes close for me!

haven't used this.

Lustre Drops:
don't know what these are?

False Lashes:
I've never tried their false lashes. 

ProLash Mascara, Zoom Lash Mascara, Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I've tried the Zoom Lash, Plush Lash & Opulash, but my ultimate fave MAC mascara is the In Extreme Dimension in 3D.

What has been your favourite MAC collection to date?
Ooh I couldn't choose, there aren't many that I don't like the look of! :)

Your latest MAC purchase:
Bradley says we go into MAC 'every day', and I know some of the staff quite well, so I guess that tells me I'm there a lot! :) I did manage to only buy the 1 thing last time I went in though, which is quite an effort! I had to replace my EyeBrows pencil in Spiked.

Your next MAC purchase:
I need to pick up some Studio Sculpt and Extra Dimension Highlighter, it's currently out of stock so will have to pick some up in store. I think I also have 6 empties so will pop them back and pick up a new lipstick too.

If like me you are a MAC fan then why not give this tag a go. The only rule is that you link back to this page in your post.

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