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Life | My Week [Feb24-Mar1]


This week was my first week back at work after 4 weeks off, and at a new setting. This, and growing a baby has meant I've been super tired!! I'm in bed for 8-9pm every night! I was so grateful for the weekend to arrive!! Early to bed, late to wake! Bradley & I had a lazy morning in bed Saturday morning and he made me breakfast in bed... he's a cutie!! He keeps talking to my bump and getting really excited, it's so sweet!

Bradley had a really good week this week, getting the Star of the Week award at school, getting to the top of the 'ladder' reward chart and getting some 'amazing work' stickers for great pieces of work. Super proud of him for having such a great week back, took him into town to treat him today! He wanted some Trash Pack toys & cards, a shower jelly from Lush and a milkshake from ShakeItBaby. :)

The new workplace is... different. The staff are so lovely, really welcoming and caring towards me. But I struggle to deal with things that aren't done right, so in some ways it's been an intriguing challenge, and in some ways just plain draining!! But we shall see, hopefully they're up for me making a few changes!! ;)

My skin is awful right now. Pregnancy hormones I guess. I'm trying to get back into the routine of a decent skincare routine which I lacked over the first 3 months due to being so poorly and unable to use any products. I'm using the Liz Earle range at the mo. Treated my skin to a few little treats whilst in town today too. My hair is so dry and unmanageable right now too, I'm currently using Morrocanoil Shampoo & Conditioner and it's not doing me any favours right now. I do want to try their oil treatment out though! Any suggestions for my poor hair will be gratefully received!!

A few photos from this week...
I've fallen in love with this giant bronzing sun disk from Sephora, I bought it whilst in Paris and although I may be wrong, I can't seem to find it available online here in the UK. It's absolutely huge and the product itself is gorge! A light dusting all over creates a subtle bronzed look, or you can build it up for contour or for extra colour in certain places. It really is a beauty!!

 If you read my 15 week pregnancy update you will have saw this picture, as this week my little munchkin was the size of a navel orange.

 I treated my skin to a few little goodies this weekend, I finally got my hands on the Garnier Micellar Water, which I've heard fab things about so I'm looking forward to giving that a go, my ol faithful Angels On Bare Skin from Lush and some bits from MAC too, a liquid eyeliner, a paint pot & prep & prime finishing powder.

Whoever it was that recommended the & Other Stories Body Scrub, I thank you. If you know me well, or have read my blog for a while, you'll know I love my scrub to be proper scrubby!! ;) And this is such a fab scrub - I'll post a full review in the next few days so won't give too much away now. 

Favourite Beauty Product of the Week...
I think it might have to be the & Other Stories Body Scrub (£7.00) - I'm already desperate to try the other fragrances! 

Favourite item of Clothing this Week...
This weekend I've reached for my 'More Issues Than Vogue' jumper from InTheStyle (£16.99) as it's really comfy and warm. It's been hard to dress lately as I'm at that awkward stage of being in-between looking pregnant and just fat! I can't fit in my regular clothes so I've been buying a few cheap bits and bobs from places like InTheStyle to get me through this awkward time but so I'm comfy too.

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I've still been loving my Chanel 'Chance' (£66.50) this week, I haven't used any other fragrance.

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Getting the all clear with some important blood tests this week, Bradley doing really well at school and Saturday, just everything about Saturday; shopping, relaxing, doing Saturday stuff! :)

Favourite TV of the Week...
'One Born Every Minute' came back on our screens this week, LOVE that show!! :)

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Have a fab week guys!!

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