Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015 Update

Hey guys,

I've taken a couple of weeks off from the blog to enjoy the festive period with my family.
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are ready to see in a brand new year.

I had a lovely Christmas. We decided we wanted to spend Christmas at home in our new house this year and that we didn't want to do the whole travelling to everyones houses all day, we wanted to stay home and have a relaxing one at home. And it was exactly that.

We woke in the morning, the boys opened their presents through the morning and James made us a yummy cooked breakfast. I got some really lovely gifts, James had obviously been nosing at my blog as I got a fair few presents from my Autumn Wishlist. ;) 
It was Bradley's Dads turn to to have him this Christmas, so he was picked up at 11 and went to spend the day with his Dad, Step Mum & baby sister. My Mum came to us for dinner, which I think I cooked pretty damn well! ;) The evening was a chilled one, playing with new toys, lots of snuggles, Christmas movies and eating crazy amounts of food! Bradley came home at 7pm and we had fun playing board games and spending fun, quality time together.

We spent time with our extended family over the next few days and it's been a really lovely few days.

How was your Christmas?
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

You Know You're a Mum of Boys When...

1. Every time you enter the bathroom the toilet seat is up, or it hasn't been flushed, or there's wee on the floor, or up the walls, the toothpaste is left out on the sink... Or possibly all the above!

2. There's a finger in your eye, nose, ear or mouth...

3. You're buying a new pair of school shoes/trousers AGAIN because you've found yet another hole.

4. You over use the phrase 'Leave your willy alone!!' [and that's not just the kids! ;)]

5. You go through air freshener, to mask the smell of stinky shoes, socks, and general boy smell, like nobody's business.

6. It's not unusual to see a mega blok going round and round in the washing machine.

7. If you've lost it, it's probably in the bin, where you'll also find half a dozen dummies, a shoe and your favourite lipstick you've been looking for all week.

8. When you, the only female in the house, are chief 'spider catcher'.

9. You know the off-side rule.

10. When the school calls you know it's another, 'He's had a bit of an accident at break time...' moment.

11. The house is constantly noisy, that includes the chorus of burping and farting.

12. You're an expert of carrying hot food from one side of the kitchen to the other, whilst dodging a lego tower, kicking a football away from the oven and all with a toddler wrapped round your leg.

13. There's no such thing as a 'clean pair of shoes'.

14. Apparently, FIFA is a way of life.

15. You wonder why you're getting funny looks before realising you're singing the theme tune to Thomas the Tank Engine, far too loud whilst walking down the supermarket aisle.

16. Your pre-teen sits down to dinner 10 minutes after every one else because he 'was online during an extremely important game & couldnt turn it off'... or he'd die.

17. You can't walk down the street without them picking something up off the floor as you go, a stick, a leaf...

18. The kitchen cupboard is full of empty boxes and packets.

19. You've mastered the art of walking in to a room and ducking a flying football/brick/toy car.

20. You have snuggles and 'I love you Mummy's on tap. Boys are so unbelievably loving and you're the luckiest mummy in the whole world to have beautiful boys to look after you!!

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Beauty Favourites

beauty favourites

I can't get over how fast this year has flown by! The months are just passing by so quickly! You can catch up on our monthly update here

Here are the 5 beauty products I've been loving this month:

lee stafford, dry shampoo, hair care, beauty

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (£5.99/Boots)
I'm in-between cuts right now, so I've been practically living in a messy bun lately, and this stuff has been my best friend. It's perfect for keeping my hair refreshed between washes and creating a bit of volume.

moyou, nail stamping, nail art, nails, beauty

MoYou London Stamping Nail Art Plate (£4.99*)
If you read my recent 'Nail Stamping - My First Attempt' post you'll see it featured this fab stamping plate. I'd never tried stamping before but always wished I could do nail art. But being not particularly creative, I was shocked at how effortless and easy this way to create great nail art. It's great and I'm already looking at other plates to create different looks!

mac cosmetics, skin finish, high light, soft & gentle, makeup, beauty

I rave about this little beauty all the time, I've been using it a lot this month, possibly daily. I use it as my highlight and sometimes sweep it all over the face for a subtle all over glow. It's one of those must have products all year round!

makeup revolution, MUR, makeup, beauty

MakeUp Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick & Think Eyeliner (£3.50)
I used to wear eyeliner constantly, but over the summer I took a step back and went more natural on the eyes. This month I reached for the eyeliner again and remembered why I loved this eyeliner in particular. It has a thick nib and a thin nib so together they make the perfect flick, effortlessly. And the price tag is just amazing for the quality!!

maybelline, mascara, makeup, beauty

I'm usually a premium beauty fan when it comes to mascara, but I'd heard so many great reviews about this that a few months ago I thought I'd give it a try. I can vouch for the reviews, it's fantastic, better than a lot of premium brands I've used. I've been using it pretty much every day for the last few months. It's great for a natural, every day look and builds up beautifully for a more dramatic look for nights out and special occasions. 

What beauty products have you been 
reaching for most this month?

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*Sent to me for review

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Our November Update

This month, I...
had a fab evening out with some local bloggers, read about it here
caught up with some good friends
has had a busy, productive month with work
have become addicted to Pretty Little Liars
enjoyed some family time seeing the Christmas lights

This month, James...
has had a few nights out with friends
has spent lots of time at work ;)
is enjoying the new series of Heroes 
is super proud of how well Leicester City FC are doing in the Premiership this season

This month, Bradley...
is beginning to struggle a little with 'growing up' :(
had lots of sleepovers at friends houses
has changed the routine of when he goes to his Dads house
was blessed with a new baby sister

This month, Taylor...
has learnt to 'sign' thank you
has started going to playgroup with Mummy
is obsessed with Gigglebiz & Teletubbies
has learnt lots more new words
has had a poorly cough and cold
cut some back teeth
had a little play date his little friend Harper
enjoyed baking some biscuits & lots of new messy activities with Mummy

How was your month?

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Monday, 30 November 2015

Salad... All Year Round?

Florette, salad

To me, Salad means Summer. It means healthy eating. It's a side of healthiness to accompany an otherwise hearty meal.

But it doesn't have to be. 
A Salad can be enjoyed as a nutritious, hearty but healthy meal every single day of the year (...except Christmas of course!!

Florette Salad have joined forces with Harry Eastwood's cookery book 'A Salad for all Seasons' to show how Salad can be eaten all year round.

salad, food, salad all year round

Harry's book is split into seasonal sections; exciting, vibrant recipes for Spring & Summer, and hearty, nourishing options for Autumn & Winter.

It's great for when you don't have much time to cook, a Salad is the perfect fast food, just throw in the leftovers from the fridge and you have a fresh, delicious, healthy meal in just a few minutes!!

The book is super easy to follow, with gorgeous pictures, calorie info and easy swaps and tips!

So, it's Winter. 
Let's make a stilton, pear and walnut salad.
Harry describes it as a 'leftovers salad' so it's perfect for after Christmas when you're sick of the sight of turkey and you've eaten your body weight in pudding and chocolates!!

In the book she titles it as a Stilton and Apple Salad, with a tip of swapping for pears, which I've done.

salad, food, cookery book

It took me just minutes to make, just toss some dark mixed leaves into a dressing of honey, olive oil and salt & pepper then crumble some stilton cheese before adding walnuts and slices or cubes of pear. Simple.

It was actually really yummy. I was worried it wouldn't be very filling but it was a really quick and easy lunch that was really delicious. The cheese and pear made it really tasty.

The crunchiness of the walnuts, combined with the sharpness of the cheese and sweetness of the pear make the recipe really exciting compared with the usual boring Salads I'm used to. I could definitely get used to eating more Salads throughout the year.

florette salad, salad all year round



What do you think? 
Do you eat Salad's all year round? 
What are your favourite recipes?

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*In collaboration with Florette

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Getting Personal this Christmas with Zazzle

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

Year after year, I spend ages in card shops trying to choose Christmas Cards; searching for all the personal cards for family, choosing pretty boxed cards. A pretty card makes all the difference, I think! ;)

Zazzle are an online shop offering indie and branded designs, plus the chance for customers to custom design their own products. 
They pride themselves on letting you add a personal touch to anything from clothing and cards, to fabric and wall art, to the highest quality.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

I became a huge Zazzle fan after designing my own Halloween Goodies back in October. 

This Christmas, you can make your Christmas greetings a little more personal by creating personalised cards with their 'create your own' or 'photo card template' options, or simply choose from their own quirky little designs.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

My family that don't see the boys that often are always asking for photos, so I love sending them little cards with pictures for them to keep. 
These flat cards are a great idea for slipping inside Christmas cards or sending alone for a personal touch or a special announcement. There are pages of different templates to choose from that allow you to add an image to send a family photo with your Christmas wishes. My grandparents especially will love cutting the photo off after Christmas and popping in a frame!

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas
Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas
[These cards were £1.45 each]

Of course, as well as flat cards, they have folded cards. Choose from cute, funny, stylish, rustic and traditional or use the templates to design your own.

I added a family shot to this stylish card and personalised with our names.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

[These cards were £2.35 each]

I also added our names to this simple text card.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

[These cards were £1.95 each]

Finally, I chose this simple but cute card [not everyone wants a picture of you on their mantlepiece ;)] with some lovely artwork. You have the option to completely customise it by changing the text, adding and moving around the images. But I left it be.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

[These cards were £2.03 each]

All the cards are made with high quality, semi gloss card with a smooth texture inside. You have the option to choose the size, paper type, printing type and any extra's you'd like such as different coloured envelopes etc. Zazzle have thought of it all!

As well as cards, you can dress up your envelopes with these festive address labels. I chose some wrap around labels with our address on. These will be great for sending to family and friends to let them know of our new address.

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmasPersonalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

[These labels were £7.80 for a sheet of 24]

For an extra cute way to seal your envelopes, they also offer over 100,000 different Christmas stickers, in different shapes with lots of different images, patterns and texts, you can again personalise with your name, address or however you wish.
I decided to design my own sticker, with an image I created on, with our names underneath. The text is a little small so it's hard to read, but these will look super cute on the back of my envelopes and mean I don't have to keep licking and sticking!! :)

Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas
Personalised christmas cards, zazzle, christmas

[These stickers were £3.70 for a sheet of 20]

To see what other fantastic Christmas gifts you can customise, visit 

Don't miss out on their Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals this week!!

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*I created/designed/chose all the above products 
which were then sent to me for free for the purpose of this post.  

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Nail Stamping - My First Attempt

nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails

I love painting my nails. They're never going to look as good as if I get them done professionally, but I really don't like the aftercare and the state of my nails after having them done, plus I can't afford to get them done regularly, so I try to stick to doing my own nails. are a brand new website offering a wide range of luxury brands, products and collections, with speedy delivery.

nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails

They recently teamed with MoYou London to send me a fantastic little box of goodies for me to try.
Let me show you what I received...

nail art, nail polish, nails
nail art, nail polish, nails
nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails
nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails
nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails

I chose 3 seasonal nail polish shades from OPI: Get In The Expresso Lane, a rich dark coffee brown, First Date at the Golden Gate, a classic red, and Muir Muir on the Wall, a seasonal plum.

I also received an Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary Base Coat, a selection of nail art tools and a Stamping Set from MoYou London including a tropical collection stamping plate, scraper, rectangle stamp and quickly little instruction booklet with easy to follow directions on how to stamp.

I've never tried Nail Stamping before. I always see people with cute nail art and think, 'I'll NEVER manage that!' I'm not the most creative when it comes to my nails. But I'm intrigued to give it a go.

I prepped my nails, used the base coat and chose the OPI Get In The Expresso Lane (which looks a lot darker here in the pictures than on the nails), then set out the stamping set. It was a little tricky trying to find a pattern that didn't look too summery, but using a white polish from my collection I had a little play around and this is what I came up with...

nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails

It was super easy to do. Simply paint over the design on the plate with your chosen polish, scrape over with the scraper then press the stamper on to the plate before gently rolling it over your nail. Then a sweep of top coat. Ta-dah!

It's a great way of jazzing up your nails and really easy to do.
They aren't perfect, but for my first attempt I think they're quite cute. :)

nail stamping, nail art, nail polish, nails

What do you think?
How do you jazz up your nails?

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*Items sent to me for the purpose of the post. 
All words are my own

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

DIY Beauty with #MiraMessMakers

DIY beauty

My friends often tell me they can't afford to pamper themselves. But pampering doesn't have to cost!
The clever, crafty people over at Midas Touch Crafts have teamed up with Mira Showers to launch a fun beauty campaign showing you can make your own DIY beauty products at home, with ingredients you'll find in your cupboards and water from the tap

I made a Chocolate Lip Scrub & Body Moisturiser. They smelt amazing, worked really well and bets of all, I had lots of fun creating them.

Treat yourself to a bit of ME time, or invite the girls round and have some fun!

Chocolate Lip Scrub

What you need:
Brown Sugar
Cocoa Powder
Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a beauty must-have. There's not a lot coconut oil isn't good for, so it's a perfect ingredient to add to your DIY Beauty concoctions. It's semi-solid at room temperature so makes a great lip balm. Adding a little honey to lock in moisture and keep the lips soft and supple, along with brown sugar to exfoliate and of course a small amount of cocoa powder to colour and flavour. Viola. You have your very own chocolate lip scrub. It smells good enough to eat too! My 11 year old loved it!

Chocolate Body Moisturiser

What you need:
Coconut oil 
Cocoa Powder 

Warm the coconut oil slightly to melt and mix with a little cocoa powder and water. Adding a little cornflour will thicken the mixture to the perfect creamy texture. The cocoa powder means you'll smell of chocolatey goodness all day long, plus when you apply, it'll give you a little colour, although the doesn't last so unfortunately it won't replace your expensive fake tan, I'm afraid! ;) I applied this to my arms and it felt lovely!! The coconut oil left my skin gorgeously smooth and soft, I smelt sickeningly sweet and couldn't stop sniffing myself for the rest of the day! :)

Tip: Swap the cocoa powder for lemon juice for brighter skin!

Do you make your own beauty products at home? 
I'd love to hear your DIY creations!!

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*I was given a voucher to purchase the ingredients for the purpose of this post

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