Tuesday, 31 March 2015

February/March Empties & Mini Reviews

I didn't get around to posting my empties last month, so these are the products I got through over the past 2 months.


I got this sample pot in my advent calendar over Christmas, which was fab as I use this stuff regularly, its a fab moisturiser. It feels really comfortable on my skin and makes my skin feel and look healthy.
Would I Recommend? Yes, it's a great daily moisturiser. 
Would I Repurchase? Over and over.

Bath / Body

Dove Original Deodorant (£3.50/Boots)
It does what it's supposed to, and doesn't leave any white marks, can't ask for anything more!
Would I Recommend? Yes, it's comfortable and does the job well.
Would I Repurchase? Yes.

Another from the Advent Calendar, this light body lotion smells lovely. It's a lot lighter than the usual thick body butters I prefer, but it was nice to use after the moringa body wash and my skin still felt moisturised afterwards.
Would I Recommend? If you prefer a lighter body lotion, then this is perfect.
Would I Repurchase? I probably wouldn't buy again as I prefer a thicker moisturiser.

Make up

This is a fantastic drugstore foundation with a natural finish and great coverage. Read my full review here.
Would I Recommend? Yes, it's the best drug store foundation I've found so far.
Would I Repurchase? Already have!

Time to throw this out, as it's drying up. It's a fab mascara, great volume and lasts all day. I haven't used it for a while as I've been using other mascaras, but it's definitely a favourite!
Would I Recommend? Yes, give it a go.
Would I Repurchase? Yes.

Now this stuff, for a drugstore brand, is amazing. The brush is huge, as is the MAC Opulash, and it makes my lashes look amazing. I'm unsure if this is still available as I haven't come across it since, but its a shame if it has been discontinued, I reached for this a lot!
Would I Recommend? For a drugstore product, its fab, if you can get hold of it, try it.
Would I Repurchase? Yes.


Taylor suffers from Infantile Eczema and on the search for a cream to help his dry skin, I picked this up. Unfortunately it actually made his skin worse and bought him out in a rash, so I stopped using it.
Would I Recommend? It made Taylor's skin worse, this is not to say it would do the same to everyone, I'm sure it wouldn't, but e45 doesn't agree with some peoples skin. I would recommend trying something else before this.
Would I Repurchase? No.

I used these to wipe down the toys Taylor played with, and his dummy if he dropped it while we were out. They're perfect to keep in my changing bag.
Would I Recommend? Yes
Would I Repurchase? I tend not to worry about sterilising so much since he turned 6 months.

Anbesol Teething Gel (£2.11/Chemist Direct)
I got some of this during a Chemist Direct haul, read my blog post here, and it has honestly been amazing! Taylor often struggles with his teething, and this gel really does help him temporarily by numbing the gums.
Would I Recommend? Yes, if you have a teething baby, get your hands on this stuff!
Would I Repurchase? Yes.

Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Tight Baby Bath (£1.55 full size/Boots)
I had quite a few of these sample size bottles, and I much prefer them to Johnsons as they're a lot more gentle on the skin. As Taylor has dry skin, I try to only use bath product once a week, and this is gentle enough. The bubbles don't seem to last very long after he's got into the bath though which is a shame.
Would I Recommend? For a really gentle bath product, yes.
Would I Repurchase? Yes.

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment (£3.00 full size/Boots)
This stuff is amazing. It has been the best barrier for nappy rash since he's been born, and I was slightly gutted when it ran out! Lots of my friends rave about this stuff too!
Would I Recommend? Most definitely.
Would I Repurchase? Yes!

I picked this up in the hope that it would help Taylor's dry skin and it was lovely. It really did make his skin feel smooth and moisturised, and so much better!
Would I Recommend? Yes, we tried SO many creams and this really did help!
Would I Repurchase? He has a prescribed cream from the doctors now but if it ever became unavailable then yes I'd definitely buy more of this.

Have you used any products worth shouting about this month??

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Project 365 | 2015 | Week 13

A photo a day, every day, for a year.

I think it's a fab way to document my week and look back on my year at the end.

Are you joining me?

Week Thirteen
March 23-29

Day eighty two: I made Slimming World cheeseburger and syn free chips - yum!! I didn't lose anything this week though which was disappointing but not surprising, I went over my syns 3 days this week and had a visit from AF, boo!

Day eighty three: Taylor turned 7 months old!! Its going so so quick!! I just can't believe how much he's changed.

Day eighty four: Taylor got his first shoes!! Too cute! We went to Clarks to get him measured up and he was really good, apart from wanting to eat the shoes! :)

Day eighty five: I picked up a few bits from the Topshop beauty range this week. Read my blog post here.

Day eighty six: 'I was on my mat playing, Mummy! Then I found myself half way across the room!!' Taylor has mastered crawling and bum shuffling backwards but not yet forwards. :)

Day eighty seven: My 2 boys playing together makes me smile. I love the love they have for each other. Taylor gets so excited when Bradley gets home from school :)

Day eighty eight: Mummy & Taylor Sunday morning selfie! 

How was your week??

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mini Topshop Beauty Haul & FOTD

While out shopping the other day, James had popped up to Topman, so I had a little mooch around Topshop while I was waiting, and thought I'd try out a few of their make up bits I hadn't tried before.

I thought I'd share with you what I bought...

I love a brow pencil! I have gaps in my brows, naturally, so I use a pencil to fill them in and define my brows on a daily basis. I do like the pencil I'm using at the moment, but I thought I'd give this one a go.

I've been playing around with contouring lately. I usually used powder products but I've been practising with liquid contouring and loved the look of this highlighting stick, it looks super quick and easy to use and a really creamy looking colour. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Keeping in theme with the contouring, I picked up this contour cream for shading and sculpting, I definitely need practise with liquid contouring so will see how I get on with this! :)

I also picked up this ice pink metallic lipstick, as you can never have enough nude lipsticks right? ;)

So, I've used the products in my make up look today, what do you think?

Products used:
Garnier 5 Second Blur Primer -- Revlon ColorStay Foundation -- Revlon ColorStay Concealer -- Topshop Contour Cream in Sweep -- Topshop Glow Stick in Play Up -- MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder -- Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Blush -- Topshop Brow Fixer -- Makeup Revolution What You Waiting For Eyeshadow Palette -- Maybelline Big Eyes White Eyeliner -- Makeup Revolution Double Flick Thick & Thin Eyeliner -- MAC Prep & Prime Lash Primer -- No7 Lash Adapt Mascara -- Topshop Lipstick in Mercurial -- MAC Prep & Prime Fix +

I still need a bit of practise before I can get a good contour finish, the contour cream is lovely to blend and leaves a good colour, and the highlighting stick is a nice finish, although can look a little 'shiny' on the face. The brow pencil is lovely to use, although the pencil I currently use has a brush on the end which I do miss with this pencil. The lipstick is a lovely colour, the formula is smooth and long lasting, although it's no MAC lipstick ;) I don't think any lipstick is on par with a MAC! Overall, I think for a low end brand, these products are great and will become popular products in my make up looks.

What do you think? 
What Topshop products should I try?

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Project 365 | 2015 | Week Twelve

A photo a day, every day, for a year.

I think it's a fab way to document my week and look back on my year at the end.

Are you joining me?

Week Twelve
March 16-22

Day seventy five: I've started Slimming World and this was my shop for my meals planned this week.

Day seventy six: My lovely friend made us this family word art, isn't it lovely?

Day seventy seven: We received our new SassyBloom box, very exciting!! We love all our new stuff!!

Day seventy eight: Believe it or not this was part of the Eclipse. But it was a lot clearer in real life, honest! :)

Day seventy nine: A little selfie shot always finds its way in ;)

Day eighty: Out for a drive with my boy.

Day eighty one: Sunday afternoon at the park with my boys was lovely!

What did you get up to this week?

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym | Review

We LOVE Fisher Price! Known for fun, interactive toys that promote learning and development, they're perfect toys for little ones, and our house is already full of their amazing toys. So when they sent us this new play gym to review, we were super excited!

The Baby Gym* is a convertible activity gym that will grow with your child from birth through to toddler age. 

With it's bright and colourful mat and interactive bar complete with zebra and giraffe stands that include ball chutes, and fun, colourful animal toys that hang down for easy reach. 

With it's flashing lights and fun sounds and music, it is sure to keep little ones entertained, and stimulate their senses.

Stage one, for newborns, is the gym used as a lay down gym, with 2 musical modes: short play which is activated by baby hitting and pulling the toys, and long play which plays 20 minutes of non-stop music and sounds. 

When baby touches the toys, on short play mode, the toy rewards them with 'giggles', the lights dance and they are greeted with fun sounds and music.

Taylor loved exploring the animal toys and watching the flashing lights. He had a gym similar to this [the Kick and Play Piano version] so he was in awe when we first tried it out with him. Ooooh new toys!!

Stage two, for when babies learn to sit up unaided, the mat folds over at one end to reveal little baskets to keep the balls in, to allow the baby to learn to put the ball in to the animal chute and put and take them from the baskets. 

Stage three, for when baby can stand, the mat can be removed and the bar can be used for a large ball chute, the child is able to drop the balls along the top, to run down and pop out the bottom. The animals can also be placed at the bottom of the chutes to catch the balls. My niece enjoyed playing with it, while Taylor sat beneath watching the balls fall down the chute. It was super cute to have a toy that they could both play with.

Nowadays our play gym has the mat removed and it sits on our large floor mat, Taylor will often lay beneath it, if he's tired. Or sit at it to play with the toys and the balls. I can't yet comment on whether Taylor will enjoy the play gym once he'd toddler age, maybe he'll be bored of it by then? Maybe it's something we put away in a few months and bring back out when he's standing and see if he enjoys playing with it?

Overall I think it's a fantastic play gym, that will grow with your child, meaning it'll last for a long, long time. Money well spent me thinks!! Retailing between £50-60, it can be seen as quite expensive for a play gym, but if it's going to last a year or so, I think it's pretty good value for money! 

We love it!!

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Project 365 | 2015 | Week 11

A photo a day, every day, for a year.

I think it's a fab way to document my week and look back on my year at the end.

Are you joining me?

Week Eleven
March 8-14

I think I pretty much failed this week, and wasn't making a conscious effort to snap a photo each day. I did manage to get one a day, but they aren't very exciting, just random ones from my phone.
It's been a funny week.
Must try harder ;)

Day sixty eight: Taylor eating his Sunday dinner; chicken, veg and yorkshire pud. Yum.

Day sixty nine: Snapping some pics for my February Favourites post [a bit late I know!]Sophie La Giraffe, Taylor's favourite toy.

Day sixty nine: Cheeky boy!

Day seventy: Eggy bread and beans for dinner!! We love baby led weaning!!

Day seventy one: Tired boy.

Day seventy two: So I finally joined Slimming World, and have been planning my menu for the week.

Day seventy three: Out for a little Mothers Day lunch with my 2 beauties. 

What did you get up to this week?

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February Favourites & Update

I get later and later posting these! Life is hectic and I don't get a lot of time to blog, I grab a few minutes when Taylor naps and I'm all on top of the housework! :)
So, February! I turned 31. Oh yes I did. It sucks. But I had a lovely day spent with my boys at TGI Friday's.
Taylor turned 6 months old, which is crazy!! 
Everyone is all good, progress is being made on our new house, it's been a good month!

Lets get on to my favourites this month...


Skincare Product of the Month...
Now I don't know if it's doing anything for my lines, or even lifting my eye area, but my eye cream, Christian Breton Cellular Eye Lift Cream (£35.00/Amazon) [I got mine a lot cheaper from TK Maxx so keep your eyes open], is definitely making the skin around my eyes feel smooth and taut. I love the feel of the skin around my eyes after using this! 

Haircare Product of the Month...
This month it's definitely about Batiste Dry Shampoo!! (£2.99/Boots) Amazing stuff! This and my backcombing comb have been keeping my hair full of volume this month!

MakeUp Product of the Month...
I'm always on the look out for a fab eyeliner, and picked up a Maybelline Line Refine Eye Matic (£4.09/Boots) which I use on my upper and lower lash line and my waterline, it lasts all day, smudges really nicely and it a fab, all round liner. Love it.

Bath/Body Product of the Month...
How lovely is Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean Shower Butter???(£7.00/Boots) - it's really creamy and moisturising and of course smells delish!

Fragrance of the Month...
I LOVE the Ted Baker Sweet Treats Purse Sprays (£15.00/Boots) and I got my hands on the latest one - Lyla, [I'm unsure if this is out in the shops yet] and like the others it's just beautiful. I want to buy them over and over again, they're SO nice!!

Item of Clothing of the Month...
I love my Aster Knit Tee from All Saints (£78.00) it's perfect for this in between weather for Spring with a vest top underneath. It's a loose, thin mesh like knit so perfect for layering.

Home Product of the Month...
I picked up a Comfort Creations Strawberry & Lily Fabric Conditioner (£2.25/Asda)and it smells amazing. Everyone loves the smell of fresh washing when it comes out of the machine, right? For the past 6 months I've been using a sensitive conditioner for Taylor's skin. So after using this one, it smelt especially nice when the clothes came out! :)

Baby Product of the Month...
It has to be Sophie!! We bought a Sophie La Girafe teether (£13.99)just before Christmas and it has slowly become Taylor's best friend. It comes out everyday to play and he will happily sit and chew on Sophie's legs all day to help with those poorly gums.

Read of the Month...
I haven't had time to sit and read anything this month, and the book Bradley and I are reading at the moment is boring me a little [sssh, don't tell him that!]

Music of the Month...
After watching the Backstreet Boys Movie this month, my iTunes has been constantly on shuffle through their albums. Can't beat a bit of BSB!

TV of the Month...
I think the live shows of EastEnders earlier in February were fantastic! Even Tanya calling Ian by his real name was entertaining!! :)

Film of the Month...
The Backstreet Boys movie : Show Em What You're Made Of. It was basically my childhood flashing before my eyes! :)

How was your February?

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Project 365 | 2015 | Week 10

A photo a day, every day, for a year.

I think it's a fab way to document my week and look back on my year at the end.

Are you joining me?

Week Ten
March 1-7

Day sixty one - I reviewed a Kirstie Allsopp pyrography kit for the blog, [read the review here] I'm not very crafty or creative, as you can see here :) but it was fun trying something new!

Day sixty two - Snuggles for Taylor and my niece. Love spending the day with them both, I hope they grow up close! :)

Day sixty three - 'I'm desperate to move Mummy, but I can't quite grasp the crawling skill yet.'

Day sixty four - The building work is in full force at our new home.   We're having the box room turned into a walk in wardrobe / dressing room. Very exciting!!

Day sixty five - It was my friends little girls half birthday, so we sent her a cute little picture :)

Day sixty six - Date night with my big man. Bradley and I went to the theatre to watch The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole The Musical. It was fab, the children were amazingly talented!!

Day sixty seven - Bathtime for my boys. :)

Until next week...

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Me & Mine - Family Portrait - February

Me & Mine
The Family Portrait Project

February 2015

Unfortunately James is missing from this picture, and we didn't have one of all 4 of us this month, I need to rectify this for next month!! :)

This is me and my beautiful boys out for my 31st birthday this month. 

This month:

I am loving:
The Backstreet Boys Movie
BLW with Taylor

James is loving:
Football bets
Days off

Bradley is loving:
You Tubers
Football training

Taylor is loving:
Getting better at sitting up by himself

See you in March!

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Kirstie Allsopp Pyrography Kit with Hobbycraft | Review

It's rare that I get any time to myself. I'm busy with Taylor during the day, plus looking after the house and family, and when the children are in bed, I start work. 
Saturday nights are my evening off, we usually have a bit of family time together, but every now and then I get a night to myself. James may be working, Bradley at his Dad's and Taylor fast asleep in bed, it's time for me! I usually catch up on a bit of blogging, or paint my nails or something, but I'm always looking for other things to do to make the most of this rarity!!

Hobbycraft have a selection of craft sets by Kirstie Allsopp. From bath bombs to candles, there are tons of fab crafty things, perfect as a gift, to build a new skill.

So when I got my hands on this Pyrography Kit by Kirstie Allsopp* (£22.50/Hobbycraft), I was looking forward to us trying it out.

'For all passionate crafters and creative minds, Kirstie Allsopp Pyrography Kit contains everything you need to create a beautiful crafty makes! Following the step by step instruction booklet, create fantastic pieces using the art of decorating wood with the pyrography tool, tool stand, branding tips, drawing tips, assorted wood shapes and key rings included.'

Pyrography - which means 'writing with fire' is the art of decorating wood, leather or other materials by burning your design directly onto the material. 

The tool included can be used to personalise anything you wish, to add a rustic traditional charm to your home, or make some lovely gifts. The kit includes some wooden blanks for you to practice with. 

I won't lie, it's a little tricky. Moving the heads across the wood grain is quite hard. I think it's something that takes a little practice. But I did enjoy it. Even if my designs look a little amateur! ;)
It's quite awkward to hold, as the whole thing is extremely hot so it's important to only hold on the plastic handle at the bottom, so it takes a little practice to get a steady hand, as you're so used to holding a writing tool close to the top. 

They recommend that you use needle nose pliers to change the heads, as the tool will be very, very hot. But I didn't have any to hand, so I allowed the tool to cool fully before handling it. I experimented with a few different heads to create my designs.

I think this is a fab little kit for even the most least creative people, like myself. It was fun, something different and something I'd love to keep practising. [let's be honest, judging by these pictures, I need the practise ;)

The tool gets very, very hot so it may not be ideal to use around or with children. I would recommend this for adults only.

This kit, along with others by Kirstie Allsopp, are exclusive to Hobbycraft.

What do you think? 
Would this be something you would enjoy?

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