Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Taylor's 7 Month Update

Taylor James' 7 month Update

I skipped his 6 month update as I didn't have the time to post, but here we are with the 7 month update, which just amazes me! 7 months!! Where has the time gone?? Scary! He has changed so so much, my Newborn has well and truly gone! He's on the move now so needing eyes in the back of my head!! :) He's almost crawling, but not quite. He's desperate to though and you can see him trying so hard and getting frustrated as he can't quite work out what to do with his legs! Bless him. And he's becoming very vocal, lots of mam-mam and ba-ba's. 

He was weighing 20 lbs exactly at last weigh in, and following his centile beautifully. 

We're in a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 at the mo. Most of his clothes are 9-12 now though. 

He took to Baby Led Weaning so well! We started at 5 1/2 months [although its not recommended to start until at least 6 months] as he was showing so much interest in food. There was a lot of gagging at first, but his gag reflex progressed quickly and he's now on 3 meals a day and eating everything put in front of him. I'm so glad we did BLW, he sits and eats the food we do at the table with us and he loves mealtimes. Alongside his meals he has 6oz formula when he wakes, during the afternoon, then 8oz at bedtime and 4oz during the night. 

Hmm his sleep varies. Sometimes he sleeps really well and others he really doesn't. The last few nights he's slept well. He goes off to sleep at 630-7pm and sleeps though until about 3-4am when he wakes for a feed and goes straight back off to sleep until 7-730am. If he wakes during the night though he's a nightmare to settle, no amount of rocking, shushing, music or anything will get him back off, he won't sleep until I take him out and bring him in with me, which I really don't want to get him into the habit of doing. 
Day time naps, he has quite a good routine with, but he won't settle himself in cot he'll mess around and roll onto his front and I have to take him and rock him off and put him back down. Monkey!! I think we may have to think about lowering the cot too as today I found him pulling himself up on the side!

Bedtime Routine...
He still has a good bedtime routine, we're pretty strict with it and he knows it well. Bath time between 6-630, dried and in sleep suit, feed and in bed and he settles himself. 

This month I think the main milestones are him moving around more. he can pull himself up on furniture and shuffle himself around on the floor.

What he's loving this month...
Food. He gets very excited when he sees me bring in his plate!! Blowing raspberries! He loves moving around, and not happy in one place. And Baby TV!! He's obsessed with Baby TV, and no other channel will do it. When Tulli or Hungry Henry come on the telly he gets super excited!! 

Mummy's post partum body...
I'm still loosing slowly, if only 1-2 lbs a week, I could do a lot better but I tend to have days when I just want to eat what I want! I joined Slimming World and the food optimising is fab, but I go off plan a little some weeks. My willpower is just awful! :( I think I just expect it to fall off without any work! :( I've lost 10lbs since the beginning of the year, which isn't great, but I kept putting weight back on. BUT, it's coming off, slowly but surely. 

Mummy's Best Bits...
His cheeky little face just melts my heart, he makes me so so happy.  Seeing him grow and change so much is amazing. 

Daddy's Best Bits...
'When he tries to crawl, it's getting exciting!'

Bradley's Best Bits...
'Everything about him I love. I love when he climbed up the side of his cot, that was funny! I love that he smiles when I come in the room.'

Until next month...

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  1. My little boy has also just turned 7 months. It is a great stage as he is really noticing everything, he is such a nosey little thing. Just like you say about your little one, Baby E is also moving around a lot more (or at least trying so hard to!). #mummymondays

  2. Aw are babies are getting big, it does not seem long ago since we were pregnant. My jacob is 21lbs he is a little chunk and he has shown no sign of moving or pulling himself up yet he is just plain lazy. Taylor is gorgeous xx

    1. They really are aren't they?? Its crazy how quickly its gone!! :)

  3. ohh such a cutie pie!!!! :)

    thank you for linking up to #mummymonday - Love Gemma - host xo

  4. Ah, what a beautiful boy. This is such a fun stage!

  5. Heehee I'm glad I'm not the only one whose baby loves BabyTV! Although I'm sick to death of the "its my birthday my special day" tune!!

    So exciting when they are on the move though even if you do need eyes in the back of your head!!

    X Becca #maternitymondays

    1. Ohh I know. I go to bed singing Charlie's Number song!! lol

  6. Aww he's lovely. I love it when they love food and the sleep will get better xx #MaternityMondays

  7. Doesn't it go so quickly! We used those milestone cards as well, they're great. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  8. Bless him, sounds like he's doing great! Well done on your weight loss so far, you're still 10lb lighter than the beginning of the year :) #slimmingworldsunday


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