Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Choosing the right Sunglasses

Sun's out! Yay!
One thing I do struggle with in the Summer, is finding the right pair of sunglasses to suit my face shape.
Surely it isn't just me that spends so long at the sunglasses stand, trying on every single pair???
Too big. Too small. Too round. Too ugly. 

Are you wearing the right style for your face shape?

I did a bit of research and this is what they say we should be wearing:

Heart Shaped Face [wide cheek bones, narrow chin]
 - try rounded aviators, oval frames, square frames

Oval Shaped Face [long face, wide cheeks, narrow chin]
- anything goes, you lucky things! Thin or rimless frames are especially flattering

Square/Rectangle Shaped Face [sharp angles, small forehead, prominent jaw line, long, narrow, thin]
- circular frames, cat eyes, wide frames, oval frames, cat eyes, bright or dark frames are best

Round Shaped Face [fuller features, round forehead, wide jaw]
- go for square frames, long and thin frames, dark coloured frames

I think my face is quite oval shaped. So really I should have the choice of every kind of shade going. But I never find a pair to suit me!

The very lovely people at sent me a pair of their sunglasses to try.
They specialise in various quality and affordable eyeglasses and are devoted to deliver the most popular eyeglasses frames all over the world.

Billancourt Rectangle* - $39.95

These rectangular framed sunglasses are unisex and suitable for most face shapes. 
They are polarised sunglasses, which means glare is reduced, which means less squinting, which means less lines and wrinkles! Winning!!

What do you think? Do they suit my face shape?
They feel really good quality, they're definitely not flimsy or likely to break in my hand bag. And they came in a fab little case with a special cloth for keeping the lens clean. I think just over £25 for a great quality, scratch resistant, anti-glare, smudge proof, easy to clean pair of sunglasses is a pretty good price!

To check out the other sunglasses they have on offer, visit They currently have a fab First Pair of Glasses Free campaign on where all new customers can have a pair of free optical glasses or sunglasses except shipping and handling fee. 

If any of their fab sunglasses take your fancy, treat yourself with 20% off using the code LIANNEX20. You're welcome! ;)

Happy Summer Time guys!!
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*Sunglasses sent to me by

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  1. I'm awful at choosing sunglasses, I spend ages trying loads on then end up hating the ones I've bought a few weeks later! #binkylinky Ali @ Mum in a Nutshell

  2. I'm not any good at knowing what suits me when it comes to sunglasses. I just choose a pair I like and hope I don't look ridiculous! Thanks for this. It's very informative. :)

  3. I know I look ridiculous but I'm totally in love with the massive ones that cover most of my face. Only problem is then I end up with massive white patches #summerdays

  4. Great summery post! Thanks for sharing and thanks for joining in with #SummerDays

  5. I hate buying sunglasses as my face is quite small and I always seem to end up looking like Dame Edna Everage lol. Some great tips here though, thanks for sharing them with the #summerdays linky, hope to see you back again :D

  6. Great tips. Sorry the comment for last weeks #BinkyLinky is a little late, we were on holiday and only got back late last night!


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