Tuesday, 9 June 2015

In Car Entertainment for Babies

Taylor isn't a very laid back baby :) he's not one to sit quietly playing with his toys and doesn't like sitting in his pushchair or car seat for very long. He needs constant stimulation. So car journeys can often be a pain. I have to sit in the back with him a lot, to keep him occupied, as he gets upset on his own.

Babymoov sent me some of their products to try and combat the in-car boredom!!

First up, we have the Car Organiser (£24.99)*. 

It includes big, colourful pockets to store belongings and toys, which is fab for quick, easy access. Some of the pockets are see-through, or mesh, so baby can see what's inside. 
This is also great for keeping things like wipes in the car.

Next, we have the Car Circus (£20.99*)...

The Car Circus is an adjustable, detachable arm that can be stuck to the window with a simple sucker attachment, to entertain baby with it's bright colours and fun discovery activities such as bells, squeaker, ribbons, rings, crunchy paper, and the detachable toys. 

On a recent trip to Ikea, I popped them into the back of the car with Taylor so I could ride in the front with James. We were in a bit of a rush so didn't have time to put many things inside the pockets, except a few of his favourite toys. They were both super quick to attach and I laid the organiser over his legs so he could explore the fabric and reach the toys a little better.

They kept him amused throughout the majority of the journey, until near the end when he got a little grumpy but I think that was tiredness. 

I think they're both fantastic products to have in the car to entertain little ones. It's perfect for keeping them amused and storing toys and wipes etc, in the car. The organiser will definitely last a few years in our car and move around with him once he's forward-facing too. 

Another little dilemma solved by Babymoov!! ;)

What are your in-car entertainment saviours??


*These products were sent to us by Babymoov as part of our Brand Ambassadorship

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  1. Those look lovely - my daughter always used to get bored after a minute and drop everything on the floor, then wail for me to pass it to her (tricky when I was driving) so organisers are always good. #triedtested

    1. Oh Taylor pulls everything from the pockets and still drops them haha

  2. They look fab! It looks like your little one was having great fun! What a fantastic idea :) x

  3. I usually give my son our ipad when we are travelling. He has got phonics and words apps so that keeps him busy =) #mmwbh

  4. What a great idea and going try this when we go on our holidays (as it is a right nightmare long hrs travelling) X

  5. Oh this looks great! Could of done with one of these when the girls were younger! Great post.

    Thank you so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky hope too see you again Sunday.

  6. Ooh that organiser looks brilliant! I'm always losing things in the back of the car so would work for that and keeping my toddler amused xx

  7. Oh this is amazing I wish I had one with my two as much as we are in the car it would be brilliant. Great review hun. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

  8. They look like great products, I love the bright colours x

  9. It's hard keeping them entertained isn't it? I am looking for something for a plane journey. I'm dreading it tbh. These look great though and he looks like he's having a good time x Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens via mummy2monkeys

  10. These look great! do you think these would be suitable for 18 month olds? not sure if they might be too big for these now? x


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