Sunday, 28 June 2015

Our June SassyBloom Box

SassyBloom is a monthly baby gift subscription box delivered to your door, with a minimum RRP value of £40. Inside the box is a mixture of baby products, tailored to your baby's age and stage of development, all hand picked especially for you and your little one.

We've been receiving SassyBloom boxes for a while now. 

Back in October, we were sent a box to review. If you missed the post, have a read here. We were hooked and I soon signed up to receive them every month. Long gone was my beauty box subscription, this kid rules the roost now! :)

Other than the one we received for review, I haven't yet had the chance to blog what was in the boxes as I'm far too impatient and couldn't wait to open the boxes and see what was inside!! But I decided to show you what we were lucky enough to receive this month...

Inside the box:

Nuby Cover All & Bandana Bib (RRP £5.99)
This cover all bib, with sleeves and an easy wipe surface is perfect for those messy meals or even a messy craft activity. And it comes with a free cloth bandana bib too. Very cute!!

Doidy Training Cup (RRP £3.49)
A slanted training cup to make using a cup easier. We haven't tried this yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out with Taylor.

Baby Dan Multi Lock (RRP £3.30)
A lock to keep little ones out of cupboards, fridges and freezers etc. I'm not sure we'll use this as we have safety latches on our cupboards already. But it's nice to have just in case.

Fun Time Busy Phone (RRP £4.99)
Honestly, I probably would never buy something like this as it looks and feels quite cheap. But Taylor has quite possibly played with this more than most toys recently! :)
He holds it to his ear [or the back of his head] which I think is so clever of him! :)

First Steps Stack Up Cups (RRP £6.49)
I love toys like these, helping Taylor to learn to stack, or fit inside. We have some similar, but these have found their way into the toy box in his bedroom. 

Melissa & Doug Colour Star Tumbler (RRP £9.99)
There is just something about a wooden toy. Aren't they beautiful?
When rolled along the floor, this makes a click clacking noise and shows colourful stars. I think it's just lovely!! :)

Kaloo Colours Activity Garden Book (RRP £11.15)
I adore Kaloo toys, they're just so soft and cute!! To be honest, Taylor hasn't shown much interest in this, I think it's probably a bit young for him. I wish I had kept it on the packaging and saved it for my new Niece :)

Overall we're pretty happy with this months box and already looking forward to the next one! :)

Fancy trying out a SassyBloom box? 
Get £10 off with the code THEBRUNE at 

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  1. Oh these look great!

    Great photos btw :)

  2. I love Sassy Bloom and use to get them when i just had the one baby, i love that wooden toy xx

  3. some lovely items. I miss our sassy bloom boxes. #mummymonday

  4. I used to get these they are great a little surprise each month is lovely Lotties a little old for them now i find some of the products were a little too young for her maybe because she has older sisters so is always into what they have! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  5. I have heard great things about Sassy Bloom and it looks great. I think I've missed out on this with little J being 2 now. thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens

  6. Sassy Bloom ( are catering for older kids too, you can be the first to know when this launches and get your free box at :)


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