Thursday, 9 July 2015

Me & Mine Family Portrait : June

Me & Mine
The Family Portrait Project

We find it hard to get the whole family together for a photo, life is busy!!
But we've joined the Family Portrait Project for 2015 and we vow to take a photo every month of the whole family.

At the end of the year, I'm thinking of creating a photo book or similar showing the 12 family portraits.

June 2015

So we failed this month! It's so so hard for the 4 of us to actually be together at the same time, which is quite sad when you think about it. But this month has been super busy, with our house move, so family time as a four has been limited. It's made me feel the importance of us spending more time together even more so.
I did, however, get a cheeky selfie with my 2 little men, although it's pretty bad quality, but that'll have to do for this month. :)

Must. Try. Harder!!

This month:

I am loving:
Settling into our new house, I love it!!

James is loving:
Getting some good news at work

Bradley is loving:
His new attic bedroom and being able to play football in the garden

Taylor is loving:
Being outside in the fresh air
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  1. Beautiful family!! I have sons as well (3). And I totally agree we can get pretty busy as a family, especially now that I have teens and they have their own plans. But we try our best to make it work! Thanks again for stopping by.


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