Friday, 26 February 2016

Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

car, road trip

So you're off on a road trip, a long journey. If you're anything like me, you've made countless lists of everything you need to take. You've made sure the changing bag is complete with spare clothes, nappies and snacks for the kids. You've double checked your make up bag has your favourite lipstick for those touch ups, and you've downloaded a pretty awesome playlist for the journey [sneaking in a little One Direction number, hoping nobody judges!] but have you remembered to give the car a once over?

This is something we often forget, only going as far as to check we have enough fuel [if we're being honest, we regularly forget that too and have to fill up on the way...often at the last minute, but we're past judging right?]

If you have the time or money, it may be a good idea to get the car checked over by a mechanic a couple of weeks before, but that's not always ideal, so I've  put together this list of a few things you probably should be checking before a long journey. 

*Lights. Check all your lights are working; brakes, headlights, tail lights, indicators, etc. 

*Fluids. Check and top up any fluids that are low. This includes fuel, oil, power steering fluid, anti freeze, windscreen wash fluid, brake fluid, etc. 

*Tyres. Check the tyre pressure and tread. If you are looking to buy new tyres make Point-S your first port of call. They also perform simple tyre checks, repairs and replacements, if you're not comfortable checking them yourself. 

*Brakes. Inspect the brake pads for wear and tear, this is super important!

*Charge. Check the battery is charged up. Apparently a little baking soda and water is perfect for cleaning the terminals. The last thing you want is to be miles away from home and the car won't start!

car, road trip

So, lights, fluids, tyres, charge, brakes. Pretty easy to remember. Right?
If not, let's create a little acronym. L, F, T, C, B. 
How about, Little Fuzzy Teddy Bakes Cakes? Last Fun Trip Before College? Lord Foster Totally Came Back? No? Just me??

Anyway, enjoy your road trip! ;)

Stay Safe!

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*Collaborative Post
All words/pictures are my own

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Actiderm Silhouette: Review

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

My willpower is awful. I go through phases where I can be really good, start losing weight, eat clean, work out... then I slip up and eat cake. 

It wasn't so hard in my 20's. I was pretty much the same size and shape throughout my 20's and didn't really need to worry. If I put on a little weight, I got rid. Simple. Until I hit my 30's, my metabolism changed, weight started creeping on and it was much harder to shift. Then I had a baby. And I carry huge. HUGE! my littlest was a 10 lb-er, and when I'm pregnant, I put weight on all-over. At 20, it fell off pretty quickly. This time round, not so easy. That plus my 'I love pizza and cake' attitude teamed with my damn-awful willpower [cheat day turned into cheat week, this week...oops!], I'm not doing a great job at losing the weight I want to. So, I'll take all the help I can get!

I was approached by Laura Spalding, a hugely successful Actiderm Ambassador, to trial the Silhouettes.

You've probably heard of Actiderm. They're an exquisite French based health and beauty company selling luxurious French skincare, body care, slimming products and cosmetics via their online shop or  you can purchase through an independent ambassador. 
I use their wrap kits and love it!

Actiderm Silhouettes are weight control capsules claiming to reduce fat absorption. 
It is formulated to work gently, in the digestive system only, so won't affect your brain, heart rate, liver etc.
It works by binding to some of the fat you eat and causing it to pass directly through your system without being absorbed.

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

Laura sent me a document once my Silhouettes were ordered, telling me all about the product and how best to take them. She also checked in on me regularly and was readily available to me if I was to have any questions or queries. It was really nice to know she was there if I needed to know anything.

The pot contains 60 vegetable based capsules which should be taken twice a day, 6 hours apart. They recommend taking them an hour before your lunch time and evening meals for best results, giving the capsule time to reach the digestive system and be ready to bind the fat from the upcoming meal.

They are designed to help you lose, or maintain weight, if you eat food with a high fat contact. If you're already dieting or eating a low fat diet, these probably won't work for you as they only bind to fat. They're perfect for times when you know you'll be eating more fat than you'll be burning off, such as Christmas, Holidays, etc.
I started taking these over Christmas. It was tricky to try to stick to the 'do not take within 1 hour of eating' rule as I was constantly eating over Christmas [see previous comment about willpower, ha!] but after 2 weeks of non-stop eating, I managed to maintain my weight!! I was pretty shocked I hadn't put any weight on at all, considering the amount of Quality Street I put away!! ;)

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

The Silhouettes include enough capsules for a month. But, admittedly I stopped taking them after Christmas, for no other reason than I just forgot, in my busy routine, to take them. But weight has been creeping back on so I've started taking them again last week back on Slimming World plan and I lost 4 lbs so I'm definitely going to continue using the rest of them.

I'm not one for taking diet pills, but I think these, to help with weight management, are a great idea short term.

You can order Silhouettes for £22.50, from here. [currently out of stock until Feb 28th]

Would you take something like this, 
to help with weight management?

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Making Memories : Magical Mystery Day

So I got the idea of Magical Mystery Day after reading and reviewing Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online.

So the rules are as follows, taken from the following extract of Girl Online...

“Well, it would always be on a weekday and we’d be given the day off school. The rule was that we had to go on a Magical Mystery Tour”
Noah grins. “Like the Beatles’ song?”
I nod. “Yes. Mum and Dad would take out a map and one of us would have to close our eyes and point at a random place and then we’d go off and have an adventure there... I used to love the way it was our secret. How everyone else would be at school or work and we’d be out having an adventure. And I loved the way we never knew when it was going to happen either. Our parents would just spring it on us.”

I thought it sounded SO much fun and wished we had Magical Mystery Day when I was young. I decided to make it a yearly tradition for my little family! A day out, as a family, somewhere different, not too far away but somewhere new... just explore and have a fun day out, wherever that may be.

As James had the week off work this week, we decided to plan it in, keeping it a secret of course! 

Obviously I don't condone children taking time off school, but Bradley never has any time off, it was the last day of term, with a 100% attendance, I checked and double checked his schedule and made sure he didn't have anything important on that day. It's a one off, something special and I would have thought it was THE best thing ever to have a day off school as a surprise like this!

I did a bit of researching beforehand and wrote down all towns/cities within the Midlands all within an hour and a half from us, folding them up and putting them into a little tub. I thought this was a little easier than picking from a map.

Bradley woke up as normal, came downstairs in full school uniform when I unveiled the surprise that it was MAGICAL MYSTERY DAY!!! He was so excited!

The boys both picked out a piece of paper each. We decided that we'd research both places online, and decide which place we'd prefer to visit.

The choices were, Tamworth and Worcester. 

Bradley got to work researching 'things to do in...' each town. [excuse my laundry in the background, oops!] and together we decided we'd visit Tamworth.

Tamworth is a large market-town on the border of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. It is home to the Indoor Snowdome and family theme park Drayton Manor. 

We arrived in Tamworth after a short 50 minute drive.

Bradley decided we should visit an indoor entertainment centre called Namco Funscape. It had a good sized soft play area for up to 8 year olds and an indoor sand pit [apparently the 1st in the UK] so Taylor was very busy. It also had a bit of an amusement centre so Bradley was in his element, winning tickets left, right and centre. We also had a game of bowling.

It got a little stressful at times as Taylor wasn't happy about having to sit in his pushchair during bowling, and he was getting pretty tired as he's very much all about routine.

After all the fun and games at the entertainment centre, we went in search of something yummy for lunch. We used our iPhones to pick up local places for lunch which led us to this Beefeater, called The Ladybridge. The food was lovely and the service was fantastic.

After filling up on food and drink, we parked up and went for a nice walk around the Castle Grounds.

Tamworth Castle boasts a wealth of history, dating back to anglo-saxon times. You can pay to go inside and explore the period rooms, but we decided to enjoy the nice walk around the surroundings.

Within the Castle Grounds is a large play area including a toddler park, a park for older children including a wooden castle and pirate ship, a skate park, tennis courts and more.

We spent a while having fun on the park with the boys before making the short walk back over the bridge back to the car.

We all had a lovely day out. It was nice for the 4 of us to spend the day together, which can be quite rare nowadays, and we were all pretty exhausted when we got home.

It was such a spontaneous trip, I can't wait for this to become a yearly tradition in my home.

Outfits as seen:
Lianne - Jacket/Primark, Snood/Topshop, Gloves/Primark, Jumper/River Island, Leggings/New Look
James - Jumper/River Island, Jeans/River Island, Trainers/Top Man, Coat/Bank, Scarf/Topman
Bradley - Hoody/River Island, Coat/Sonetti, Joggers/Next, Trainers/Nike, 
Taylor - Coat/Next, Hat,Gloves,Scarf/Tu at Sainsburys, Jumper/Tu at Sainsburys, Joggers/Tu at Sainsburys, Trainers/Clarks

What do you think to Magical Mystery Day? 
Would you do something like this with your family?

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Interview with The Other Half

interview, love, quiz, boyfriend

In honour of Valentine's and all things LOOOOOVE, I thought I'd write a post dedicated to my lovely Mr. But, you don't want to hear me bang on about how much I love him and the rest of the smushy stuff, so I'm going to put him on the spot with a little Q&A sesh! 

Feel free to grab your other half and have a giggle with the questions yourself... You may even learn something new about them, no matter how long you've been together! :)

Pinterest is full of example questions so I pulled out a few and hit him with the following 30 questions... enjoy!

So, James...

1. Let's start by describing yourself in one single word.
'I'm finding this one difficult as I can think of words I'd like to describe myself now, but I haven't always been that person. But one thing I think I always have been is 'caring'.'

2. What song reminds you of me?
''Where We Are' by Westlife because it's our song.'

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
'Rachel McAdams. She's dead pretty.'

4. Describe your ideal weekend.
'A lie in followed by spending time with the family, wherever that might be... And watching Leicester win.'

5. What's the one household chore that you're unwilling to do?
'Ironing. Ironing's for girls.'

6. Who would you say 'wears the trousers' in our relationship?

Cooooorrecct!! ;)

7. Where do you see us in 5 years?
'I see us continuing to live happily as a family, still working at our relationship... with a ring on it if you're lucky. ;)'

8. What kind of Dad do you think you are?
'An ever-improving Dad. It can be hard work.'

9. Can you remember where you were when you first said you loved me?
'In your bedroom?'

Wrong. It was in a service station on the way home from Plymouth. Glad it was memorable though... ;)

10. If you could spend one day in somebody else's shoes, who would it be and why?
'Yours. So I can see what you see and why you moan at me so much!'

11. What feature of mine (personality or physical) do you find most attractive?
'Your face, I love ya face! ;)'

12. If you could go back and relive one day in the whole of your life, what day would it be and why?
'When we were in Dublin for the Westlife farewell weekend, you and me, great memories <3'

13. My cooking or yours?
'Takeaway haha'

14. What was something that made you laugh today?
'When Taylor woke up signing in the car, all sleepy face, half open eyes singing away...that was funny!'

15. What would you say is my most annoying habit?
'That you tell me off for little things, yet you're very contradictory...'

16. Name 2 things I do well.
'You do lots of things well. Not cooking, you're just okay at that. ;)
Being a Mummy and being very organised, with life and work, we wouldn't be so organised without you.'

17. How would we spend a million pounds?
'We'd buy a new house, go on holiday and make sure the kids had everything they needed.'

18. What is your proudest ever moment?
'When we fell pregnant because we'd been trying for so long and of course him being born.'

19. What would be your first thought if someone told you they'd saw me with another man?
'I'd think it was probably just a friend, but I'd mention it to you. I wouldn't think you were doing anything wrong though.'

20. Can you remember the very first conversation we had?
'It was in the shop I worked in, I can't remember exactly what the first conversation was though.'

Again, I'm glad it was memorable, ha! It was something to do with you not wearing your uniform at work I think.

And a few question's about ME!

21. Where is my favourite place to visit?
'Isle of Wight.'

Correct, my paradise island!

22. What's my favourite movie?
'Dirty Dancing'


23. What are the names of my best friends?
'Laura, Lisa, Jemma'

Aw :)

24. What's my guilty pleasure?
'Those crap, cheesy TV shows you watch, like Kardashians.'

So right! 

25. What do I see myself doing in retirement?
'Travelling and visiting new places together, doing all the things we want to do but couldn't while the kids were young.'

Exactly this.

26. Name one thing I want to achieve in my lifetime.
'Erm... to get married?'

Hmm, I wasn't thinking this exactly but I guess it's up there.

27. Who is my celebrity crush?
'It's about time you grew out of this, but Nick Carter!'

Haha, not so much a crush now we're all grown up, but he's still a bit spesh!

28. What was the first concert I ever went to and how old was I?
'Backstreet Boys, you were probably about 14?'

It was Backstreet Boys, but it was 1996 so I was 12. Close.

29. What was my first, paid job?
'In a Nursery?'

My first paid job was a summer play scheme. 

30. What book am I currently reading?
'Khloe Kardashian... Keep It Real?'

It is Khloe Kardashian's book, but it's definitely not called Keep It Real, ha! It's called Strong Looks Better Naked.

And there you have it. a little insight into my other half's brain!! :)
It stemmed a lot of conversation afterwards, a bit of a heart to heart, lots of reminiscing and some honest truths. 

Feel free to use the questions yourself, tag me, I'd love to see your answers!

Happy Valentine's everyone!!

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Basic Beauty Tips

Beautiful Tips to Grace Your Adorable Face With Striking Hairstyle
Let’s begin with a beautiful line of a poem, “Your beauty extends into the heavens, it goes on forever and never lessens.” Exactly, beauty is what we feel with our true bit of innocent heart. However, we are in material world where everything is perishable. The new gets old just like our body that constantly forms into new outline. As the day passes by the young and fresh faces to get old and wrinkled and this is what the unbearable things for almost all the hot chic. Nevertheless, we are in the world of innovation and we have solutions for our entire dilemma. We shall take you through some of the natural beauty products, we even have some offers for you in which you can save some money by applying the Gorgeous Shop Discount code while ordering online.
Style Your Hair and Grab the Hottest Avatar 
Well, your hair style must work well with your face. Hence, the style of hair that perfectly becomes on you, can add a feather in to the cap of your all beauty. You can imitate hairstyles of your favourite actors and keep that sizzling look forever. Let’s take on the various hairstyles that I am sure will be helpful to you and don’t forget to use some promo codes while shopping, this may save your penny. You can select any of the given hairstyles below, if your hair is Kinky, Wavy, Curly or Straight.
  • Get a V-Edged long graded cut
  • Medium layered cut with blunt edges
  • Sleek elongated bob suits round faces
  • Chin-length layered with horizontal edges
  • If you have thick hair, try a short bob haircut
  • A-Line pixie cut
  • Long cut with layered bangs suit a triangular face
  • Medium-length centre-parted cut with ombre
  • Long thick hair with layering & dimensional highlights (this hairstyle is a favourite of Selena Gomez)
  • Centre-parting and long layers enhanced by colour (this one is a favourite of Kim Kardashian)

Similarly, there are many more that you get by searching for your favourite stars. 

Basic Beauty Tips for Your Face:
Using nutritional beauty products can help your skin looking fresh. You can customize beauty products to suit your skin. 
Let’s look at what you can use to avoid wrinkles and pimples on the face: 
  • Wet cotton wool in rose water and clean your face twice a day
  • Basil water can be great for radiance
  • Mix lime juice in almond oil and apply it to the face regularly
  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed
  • This is important to allow skin to breathe
  • If your skin is oily, try applying tomato to your face
  • Do not comb your hair directly from root level; comb your hair from mid-length to ends
  • Apply coconut oil to skin before bathing/showering
  • Drink water as much as you can
  • Eat lots of green vegetables
  • Last but not least; get lots of sleep!!

What are your top tips?

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Friday, 5 February 2016

January Beauty Favourites

beauty, favourites, hair, bath/body, skincare, makeup

Hi guys! 

I've taken a little break from my blog recently as I've been really busy with work and I've been struggling to find the time to work on my blog.

I've decided to change my blog routine up a little and cut it down to just 1 post a week for the time being, that way I can concentrate on getting good material out and promoting it throughout the week. Let me know your thoughts!

So anyway, a little delayed but here we are with January's Beauty Favourites... 

beauty, boots no7, body lotion, bath/body

Boots No7 Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion
I'm unsure how much this product is as I can't seem to find a price online and I got it as part of a gift box. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. I read 'lotion' and assume it's a thin, liquid-y substance but I was pleasantly surprised. It's actually pretty thick, for something in a tube and feels silly soft on the skin.

beauty, makeup, benefit, high beam, highlighter

Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer (£19.50)
This is a fab liquid highlighter and often use it for a spot highlighter on my cheek bones and brow bones and I regularly add a little to my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation to give the matte-ness more of a dewy glow, it gives it a gorgeous illuminating finish.

beauty, skincare, serum, estee lauder

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape & Fill Expert Serum (£20.67)
After trying out a few samples of this, I loved the way it made my skin feel so was really pleased to receive it for Christmas. It promises to make contours look more defined and skin look more radiant and it honestly does work! My contours are definitely looking more prominent particularly my cheek bones! Fab stuff!

beauty, makeup, mac, lipstick, velvet teddy

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy (£15.50)
I've been wearing Velvet Teddy, a deep-tone beige shade quite a lot this month. As much as I love the colour, I do wish it was a creamier finish, I'm not so much a matte fan, but still a popular lip this month!

beauty, haircare, aveeno, shampoo

Aveeno Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo* (£9.49/Lloyds Pharmacy)
This stuff is perfect for the Winter weather! All that blustery wind and cold as well as the drying central heating can leave your hair and scalp feeling really dry and sensitive. The lovely lot at Aveeno have launched this skin relieving shampoo. It's been a big hit in this house, the boys have loved using it.

What beauty products have you been loving lately?

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*The post includes a free PR sample
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