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Actiderm Silhouette: Review

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

My willpower is awful. I go through phases where I can be really good, start losing weight, eat clean, work out... then I slip up and eat cake. 

It wasn't so hard in my 20's. I was pretty much the same size and shape throughout my 20's and didn't really need to worry. If I put on a little weight, I got rid. Simple. Until I hit my 30's, my metabolism changed, weight started creeping on and it was much harder to shift. Then I had a baby. And I carry huge. HUGE! my littlest was a 10 lb-er, and when I'm pregnant, I put weight on all-over. At 20, it fell off pretty quickly. This time round, not so easy. That plus my 'I love pizza and cake' attitude teamed with my damn-awful willpower [cheat day turned into cheat week, this week...oops!], I'm not doing a great job at losing the weight I want to. So, I'll take all the help I can get!

I was approached by Laura Spalding, a hugely successful Actiderm Ambassador, to trial the Silhouettes.

You've probably heard of Actiderm. They're an exquisite French based health and beauty company selling luxurious French skincare, body care, slimming products and cosmetics via their online shop or  you can purchase through an independent ambassador. 
I use their wrap kits and love it!

Actiderm Silhouettes are weight control capsules claiming to reduce fat absorption. 
It is formulated to work gently, in the digestive system only, so won't affect your brain, heart rate, liver etc.
It works by binding to some of the fat you eat and causing it to pass directly through your system without being absorbed.

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

Laura sent me a document once my Silhouettes were ordered, telling me all about the product and how best to take them. She also checked in on me regularly and was readily available to me if I was to have any questions or queries. It was really nice to know she was there if I needed to know anything.

The pot contains 60 vegetable based capsules which should be taken twice a day, 6 hours apart. They recommend taking them an hour before your lunch time and evening meals for best results, giving the capsule time to reach the digestive system and be ready to bind the fat from the upcoming meal.

They are designed to help you lose, or maintain weight, if you eat food with a high fat contact. If you're already dieting or eating a low fat diet, these probably won't work for you as they only bind to fat. They're perfect for times when you know you'll be eating more fat than you'll be burning off, such as Christmas, Holidays, etc.
I started taking these over Christmas. It was tricky to try to stick to the 'do not take within 1 hour of eating' rule as I was constantly eating over Christmas [see previous comment about willpower, ha!] but after 2 weeks of non-stop eating, I managed to maintain my weight!! I was pretty shocked I hadn't put any weight on at all, considering the amount of Quality Street I put away!! ;)

actiderm, silhouette, weight management

The Silhouettes include enough capsules for a month. But, admittedly I stopped taking them after Christmas, for no other reason than I just forgot, in my busy routine, to take them. But weight has been creeping back on so I've started taking them again last week back on Slimming World plan and I lost 4 lbs so I'm definitely going to continue using the rest of them.

I'm not one for taking diet pills, but I think these, to help with weight management, are a great idea short term.

You can order Silhouettes for £22.50, from here. [currently out of stock until Feb 28th]

Would you take something like this, 
to help with weight management?

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  1. Sorry no it does not appeal to me in the slightest. I just stay away from the carbs if i need to lose some weight and go running;)

  2. I'm really unsure about these - Great if you are pleased with them and seeing good results though. I would have to do a lot more investigation into their safety. Don't beat yourself up about carrying baby weight - I'm still planning on losing mine - she's 13!

  3. This looks like an expensive quick fix which may, or may not work. I suspect the placebo effect is heavily at work here. If you're more conscious of poor eating habits, perhaps you eat a little less anyway. That said, if research could be done that emphatically proves these work with no damage to your body, I'd give them a go.

  4. Personally I wouldn't use weightloss tablets, but if they're working for you that's great. Good luck, but don't beat yourself up about a cheat week ... We all have them!

  5. I have never heard of these or tried them - different things work for different people, if they help you, then fab :) Kaz x

  6. Each to their own but I find healthy clean eating and regular exercise make for a better long term solution. Dont beat yourself up about the odd cheat, thats normal!x #TriedTested

  7. Luckily my weight is fairly stable. It is just my shape that needs attention and I feel that is exercise that is needed. Multi-vits are as far as I go with pills #Triedtested


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