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Interview with The Other Half

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In honour of Valentine's and all things LOOOOOVE, I thought I'd write a post dedicated to my lovely Mr. But, you don't want to hear me bang on about how much I love him and the rest of the smushy stuff, so I'm going to put him on the spot with a little Q&A sesh! 

Feel free to grab your other half and have a giggle with the questions yourself... You may even learn something new about them, no matter how long you've been together! :)

Pinterest is full of example questions so I pulled out a few and hit him with the following 30 questions... enjoy!

So, James...

1. Let's start by describing yourself in one single word.
'I'm finding this one difficult as I can think of words I'd like to describe myself now, but I haven't always been that person. But one thing I think I always have been is 'caring'.'

2. What song reminds you of me?
''Where We Are' by Westlife because it's our song.'

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
'Rachel McAdams. She's dead pretty.'

4. Describe your ideal weekend.
'A lie in followed by spending time with the family, wherever that might be... And watching Leicester win.'

5. What's the one household chore that you're unwilling to do?
'Ironing. Ironing's for girls.'

6. Who would you say 'wears the trousers' in our relationship?

Cooooorrecct!! ;)

7. Where do you see us in 5 years?
'I see us continuing to live happily as a family, still working at our relationship... with a ring on it if you're lucky. ;)'

8. What kind of Dad do you think you are?
'An ever-improving Dad. It can be hard work.'

9. Can you remember where you were when you first said you loved me?
'In your bedroom?'

Wrong. It was in a service station on the way home from Plymouth. Glad it was memorable though... ;)

10. If you could spend one day in somebody else's shoes, who would it be and why?
'Yours. So I can see what you see and why you moan at me so much!'

11. What feature of mine (personality or physical) do you find most attractive?
'Your face, I love ya face! ;)'

12. If you could go back and relive one day in the whole of your life, what day would it be and why?
'When we were in Dublin for the Westlife farewell weekend, you and me, great memories <3'

13. My cooking or yours?
'Takeaway haha'

14. What was something that made you laugh today?
'When Taylor woke up signing in the car, all sleepy face, half open eyes singing away...that was funny!'

15. What would you say is my most annoying habit?
'That you tell me off for little things, yet you're very contradictory...'

16. Name 2 things I do well.
'You do lots of things well. Not cooking, you're just okay at that. ;)
Being a Mummy and being very organised, with life and work, we wouldn't be so organised without you.'

17. How would we spend a million pounds?
'We'd buy a new house, go on holiday and make sure the kids had everything they needed.'

18. What is your proudest ever moment?
'When we fell pregnant because we'd been trying for so long and of course him being born.'

19. What would be your first thought if someone told you they'd saw me with another man?
'I'd think it was probably just a friend, but I'd mention it to you. I wouldn't think you were doing anything wrong though.'

20. Can you remember the very first conversation we had?
'It was in the shop I worked in, I can't remember exactly what the first conversation was though.'

Again, I'm glad it was memorable, ha! It was something to do with you not wearing your uniform at work I think.

And a few question's about ME!

21. Where is my favourite place to visit?
'Isle of Wight.'

Correct, my paradise island!

22. What's my favourite movie?
'Dirty Dancing'


23. What are the names of my best friends?
'Laura, Lisa, Jemma'

Aw :)

24. What's my guilty pleasure?
'Those crap, cheesy TV shows you watch, like Kardashians.'

So right! 

25. What do I see myself doing in retirement?
'Travelling and visiting new places together, doing all the things we want to do but couldn't while the kids were young.'

Exactly this.

26. Name one thing I want to achieve in my lifetime.
'Erm... to get married?'

Hmm, I wasn't thinking this exactly but I guess it's up there.

27. Who is my celebrity crush?
'It's about time you grew out of this, but Nick Carter!'

Haha, not so much a crush now we're all grown up, but he's still a bit spesh!

28. What was the first concert I ever went to and how old was I?
'Backstreet Boys, you were probably about 14?'

It was Backstreet Boys, but it was 1996 so I was 12. Close.

29. What was my first, paid job?
'In a Nursery?'

My first paid job was a summer play scheme. 

30. What book am I currently reading?
'Khloe Kardashian... Keep It Real?'

It is Khloe Kardashian's book, but it's definitely not called Keep It Real, ha! It's called Strong Looks Better Naked.

And there you have it. a little insight into my other half's brain!! :)
It stemmed a lot of conversation afterwards, a bit of a heart to heart, lots of reminiscing and some honest truths. 

Feel free to use the questions yourself, tag me, I'd love to see your answers!

Happy Valentine's everyone!!

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  1. I loved this, love how you oh is willing to contribute to your blog. If I asked my hubs to do this I'd get a 'yeah later' which would of course never happen haha! Looks like he knows you very well! x

  2. It's always great to read what the other half thinks! Your other half sounds like a top bloke, if you want to swap you can have my husband lol.

  3. This is such a great idea! I might do this with hubby! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Great interview very honest answer Emily my wife is thinking of doing this with me we will see lol thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  5. Love this! I've just asked my other half them. He answered 'don't know' to half of them!

  6. I love this, your fella sounds lovely and knows you well. Hope you have a great valentines x

  7. haha he sounds fab...really good answers and he knows you so well!! A perfect match and some lovely piccies xx #fartglitter

  8. Oh I will have to to try this, if I do I will let you know. Sounds like he knows you really well :) #fartglitter

  9. Wow, I'm impressed he was able to answer almost all the questions about you correctly.


  10. Awww love the concept and great reading X #bestandworst

  11. Oh my, I lOVE this post - what a great idea for Valentine's too, so different. Great answers, he made me chuckle! I may have to try one of these with my hubby too, though he is a man of very little words so may be a bit short! haha.

    Thank you for linking up!! #FriYAYLinky

  12. Ha ha, this is sweet. I'd never get my OH to answer questions, let alone feature on the blog! #pocolo

  13. This is SUCH a great idea, I'm definitely going to have to try this! :)
    I love the banter between you both, so cute and funny


  14. It is a great idea - but so glad he got the answer to who wears the trousers right. Clever, clever Mr! Thanks for linking up to #pocolo


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