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Making Memories : Magical Mystery Day

So I got the idea of Magical Mystery Day after reading and reviewing Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online.

So the rules are as follows, taken from the following extract of Girl Online...

“Well, it would always be on a weekday and we’d be given the day off school. The rule was that we had to go on a Magical Mystery Tour”
Noah grins. “Like the Beatles’ song?”
I nod. “Yes. Mum and Dad would take out a map and one of us would have to close our eyes and point at a random place and then we’d go off and have an adventure there... I used to love the way it was our secret. How everyone else would be at school or work and we’d be out having an adventure. And I loved the way we never knew when it was going to happen either. Our parents would just spring it on us.”

I thought it sounded SO much fun and wished we had Magical Mystery Day when I was young. I decided to make it a yearly tradition for my little family! A day out, as a family, somewhere different, not too far away but somewhere new... just explore and have a fun day out, wherever that may be.

As James had the week off work this week, we decided to plan it in, keeping it a secret of course! 

Obviously I don't condone children taking time off school, but Bradley never has any time off, it was the last day of term, with a 100% attendance, I checked and double checked his schedule and made sure he didn't have anything important on that day. It's a one off, something special and I would have thought it was THE best thing ever to have a day off school as a surprise like this!

I did a bit of researching beforehand and wrote down all towns/cities within the Midlands all within an hour and a half from us, folding them up and putting them into a little tub. I thought this was a little easier than picking from a map.

Bradley woke up as normal, came downstairs in full school uniform when I unveiled the surprise that it was MAGICAL MYSTERY DAY!!! He was so excited!

The boys both picked out a piece of paper each. We decided that we'd research both places online, and decide which place we'd prefer to visit.

The choices were, Tamworth and Worcester. 

Bradley got to work researching 'things to do in...' each town. [excuse my laundry in the background, oops!] and together we decided we'd visit Tamworth.

Tamworth is a large market-town on the border of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. It is home to the Indoor Snowdome and family theme park Drayton Manor. 

We arrived in Tamworth after a short 50 minute drive.

Bradley decided we should visit an indoor entertainment centre called Namco Funscape. It had a good sized soft play area for up to 8 year olds and an indoor sand pit [apparently the 1st in the UK] so Taylor was very busy. It also had a bit of an amusement centre so Bradley was in his element, winning tickets left, right and centre. We also had a game of bowling.

It got a little stressful at times as Taylor wasn't happy about having to sit in his pushchair during bowling, and he was getting pretty tired as he's very much all about routine.

After all the fun and games at the entertainment centre, we went in search of something yummy for lunch. We used our iPhones to pick up local places for lunch which led us to this Beefeater, called The Ladybridge. The food was lovely and the service was fantastic.

After filling up on food and drink, we parked up and went for a nice walk around the Castle Grounds.

Tamworth Castle boasts a wealth of history, dating back to anglo-saxon times. You can pay to go inside and explore the period rooms, but we decided to enjoy the nice walk around the surroundings.

Within the Castle Grounds is a large play area including a toddler park, a park for older children including a wooden castle and pirate ship, a skate park, tennis courts and more.

We spent a while having fun on the park with the boys before making the short walk back over the bridge back to the car.

We all had a lovely day out. It was nice for the 4 of us to spend the day together, which can be quite rare nowadays, and we were all pretty exhausted when we got home.

It was such a spontaneous trip, I can't wait for this to become a yearly tradition in my home.

Outfits as seen:
Lianne - Jacket/Primark, Snood/Topshop, Gloves/Primark, Jumper/River Island, Leggings/New Look
James - Jumper/River Island, Jeans/River Island, Trainers/Top Man, Coat/Bank, Scarf/Topman
Bradley - Hoody/River Island, Coat/Sonetti, Joggers/Next, Trainers/Nike, 
Taylor - Coat/Next, Hat,Gloves,Scarf/Tu at Sainsburys, Jumper/Tu at Sainsburys, Joggers/Tu at Sainsburys, Trainers/Clarks

What do you think to Magical Mystery Day? 
Would you do something like this with your family?

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  1. Well isn't this a fantastic idea. It sounds great fun. I'm gonna have to have a go. I like the way you did it by putting a few places in and then picking them out. Not sure the map idea like zoe would be the best idea as i'd probably end up on the other side of the UK lol. X

  2. I think this is an amazing idea! And it looks like you had so much fun! Tamworth isn't far from us - we are going to have to give it a visit I think!

  3. You look like you were all dressed up well for a lovely day out! I really love the dinosaur jacket. It's bright and vibrant colours and print look great! And the matching hat and scarf go perfectly. What a stylish little family :) Thank you very much for linking up with us and hope you've had a good weekend #weekendtotstyle

    1. The coat is a car/truck theme, but they go so well with the dinosaur hat/scarf set dont they :)

  4. What a fabulous idea for choosing where to go out. Looks like you had a fab time

  5. I love this idea! How great, and I love putting the town names in a tub to be picked too. I will definitely try this with my children. Kaz x

    1. I'd love to know what happens on your special day too!

  6. What a fantastic idea! I would definitely do this with my family when our boy is a bit older. Love it!


  7. Looks like you made some great memories there! Love the dino hat and scarf #weekendtotstyle

  8. What a brilliant idea. I love it and might well do the same when the weather is better and I'm better with my sight and my mobility scooter. Would love you to share this at #TreasuredMoments so others read this as well

  9. This is an absolutely AMAZING idea to pick what to do and where! I think this needs to be done in the summer with us, for sure! Great photos too!! Thanks so much for linking with #DevelopingLife

  10. This is a fabulous idea. Me and Mr AD often go for a wander picking a new place at random to visit.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries


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