Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Lounge Ambience for your Garden

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We all need some down-time now and then to escape the daily grind. If you have a garden or a porch, then you know that the living room and study are not the only places where you can enjoy some relaxation and in the process take your mind off the daily worries. And after all, the outdoors is where you get the fresh air and energy you need to keep up with the daily job routine. So here are five good tips for turning your garden into a perfect lounge area where you can take advantage of the best outdoor experience without leaving your home.

home, garden

  1. Firstly, check out the various online resources available where you can find appropriate outdoor furniture that can help you customise and personalise the setting to your preference. UnopiĆ¹ is a great source for all the essentials to create a harmonious ambient, providing a diverse collection of outdoor furniture and accessories with an artistic feel that grant the option of experimenting with different outdoor design ideas and styles—from rustic to ‘belle epoque’ or ‘Dolce Vita’ and many more.
  2. Knowing how to work with space is a second important element in your quest; you can never have too much or too little and there must always be a perfect balance between the two. Cluttering is no good, and empty space serves no purpose, so always leave open spaces that afford a good view of the garden and the surrounding panorama. A good bin or dispenser hidden from view behind the hedgerow is perfect for taking care of garbage and even cleaning up the garden in the process.
  3. In this respect, colour is all important and any furniture should match the flowers or immediate scenery. Coloured pots or items like candle-holders and decorative lamps will add a cozy and exotic feel to the outdoor experience, making the ambient ideal for any activity. Hand-crafted lamps and holders especially can liven up the atmosphere in the evening while dining outside, and allow you to enjoy your garden lounge experience well into the late hours of night-time.   
  4. The choice of furniture is another factor that deserves primary attention. Sofas, tables, side-desks (for placing your TV or laptop) and lounge chairs or sunbeds made of durable and eco-friendly or recyclable material aimed at supporting environmental sustainability (like wood, stone, marble, ceramic and glass) are a perfect complement to a garden summer holiday, and will help you connect more with nature. Parasols and umbrellas will protect you from unwanted heat during sun-blazing days or in the hottest part of the early afternoon, when nap time approaches.
  5. Lastly, if you are inclined to you may wish to add to the list extra (inexpensive) luxuries like an inflatable portable pool to lie in and sunbathe while sipping your favourite cocktail. All you need is a pump and your garden hose to make your garden lounge experience truly chic and make it resemble a real vacation away from home.         

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*Written by MaryJ


  1. Oh I wish I had the space and the money to do more with my garden. I'd love some pretty furniture but for now, it's a kids paradise. One day, it'll be mine and it'll be beautiful!! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare


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