Monday, 26 September 2016

Cosy Places to Eat this Autumn

autumn, leicester, east midlands, restaurants, cosy
I'm finally coming around to the idea that its time to say goodbye to Summer, and welcome Autumn. Now, I love layering up, buying pretty boots and going all plums and berries with my makeup. But I'm not a fan of the cold, I just don't function well in cold weather. Brrrr
So when I go out for some food on an Autumn evening, it's important that the place I'm visiting is cosy and warm! How bars and restaurants change the ambience in colder weather is SO important.
Personally, after I've just ran from the car in the pouring rain [most likely in heels] I want to be able to relax in a lovely, cosy and warm atmosphere while I wait for my food.
One of my most favourite places to eat locally is Bills in Highcross, Leicester, if only for it's cosy and warm atmosphere and decor.
autumn, leicester, east midlands, restaurants, cosy

Bodega Cantina based in St Martins, Leicester also has a cosy ambience, is always lovely and warm and has lots of comfy seating to relax in.
autumn, leicester, east midlands, restaurants, cosy
I'm also a fan of The Cookie on Leicester's High Street, it always feels warm and welcoming, especially upstairs in their intimate cocktail bar with it's cosy curtains, low lighting and candles.
autumn, leicester, east midlands, restaurants, cosy

What makes a restaurant cosy?

So bar and restaurant owners, take note. Here are my top 3 musts for a super cosy place to eat in Autumn.
1. Firstly, and probably most importantly, it MUST be warm! There's nothing worse than being sat shivering waiting for my food. I want to be greeted by a wave of warmth when I walk in! So whack that heating up this Autumn! Don't forget to check you're getting a good deal on your business gas bill!
2. Comfy seating. Nobody wants to sit on a cold, uncomfortable chair. I'll have a blanket too if there's one spare... just kidding! ;)

3. Good lighting. It's amazing how lighting can play a part in how cosy a place feels. Low lighting and candle light helps create a romantic, cosy atmosphere. But don't turn the lighting down too low, I'm a blogger and need to photograph my food, my dates food and a bit of your decor too! ;)
What about you, what do you think makes a place cosy?

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  1. Great blog post Lianne. I haven't tried Bills yet but it looks like a lovely cosy vibe :)

    1. Thanks hun, def get yourself down to Bills to check it out!! :)

  2. I still havent been to Bills and we have quite a few of them here in London.

    1. Definitely give it a visit, I'd love to know if they all have the same kind of decor?

  3. It looks lovely - I do look for a restaurant with a roaring fire this time of year

  4. I definitely like cosy places this time of year, they make for a much better experience I think

  5. These look great but I'd much rather head to a nice cosy pub with an open fire for some hearty grub x

  6. If I'm ever in Leicester I'll have to check those places out. For me I love a good pub with beams and good company. #weekendblogshare

  7. I've only been to one Bill's restaurant and that was early this year but I loved it and it had a similar vibe to what you explained. I'm lucky that I'm Yorkshire, we have lots of restaurants with open fires that are so lovely. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare


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