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Lush Christmas Launch 2016

Lush, Christmas

It has taken me a while to let go of Summer and start embracing all things Autumn-y! But if someone mentioned the C word [not that one, the other one!] I'd instantly turn my nose up! 
Christmas, already? NOOOO, SHHHHH!! But all this changed come the evening of the Lush Christmas Launch, which I was super lucky to have been invited to!

Heading into the Lush Leicester store, we were met with the familiar wave of heavy fragrance, a lovely bright welcome... and Christmas music!

We were able to look around all the usual favourites plus the new Hallowe'en and Christmas goodies they're spoiling us with this season. The fantastic staff members were on hand to chat about the products and there were demonstrations going on at every turn.

Lush, Christmas

Lush, Autumn

Lush, autumn, halloween

Heading upstairs into the party room, we were able to create our own products with the amazing Aiyaaz. If you followed my Snapchat story, he was the super crazy guy in head to toe glitter that was constantly dancing away. Lush have definitely got a good one there, and that is one thing I do love about Lush, their passionate staff. They clearly do LOVE the products they sell. I even popped in again today [my kids adore the bath bombs] and ended up having a nice little chat about the launch and a few of the products.

It was so much fun to get the chance to mix and make our very own products. I made the Big Blue  bath bomb for my eldest who is a big bath bomb fan. The main ingredients for this are arame seaweed which is rich in vitamins and minerals, and sea salt which removes dead skin cells. It smells of fresh lavender and turns your bath water sky blue.

We also got to create a Creamy Candy bubble bar which we mixed and squeezed into shape. I made, or at least attempted to make, a cute pink heart. With a blend of almond and cocoa butter, it makes the water and your skin silky soft. That and the fact that it creates lots of candy floss smelling bubbles and turns your water pink makes it a pretty amazing product.

Lush, Christmas

Lush, Christmas

Lush, Christmas, vegan, cakes

Upstairs we were also treated to some vegan cupcakes, which tasted SO good! You'll have to take my word for it of course, but they really were beautiful. We ate them whilst posing in front of the selfie wall with the complimentary selfie sticks! ;)

Once back downstairs I set about discovering all the fantastic seasonal pieces on offer this year.
Of course I had to head over to the Snow Fairy display. Now let me tell you about my relationship with this sweet shop scented number. I ADORED this stuff, I bought bottles of it, had the perfume and everything. It smelt so so good! Candy floss, pear drops, bubble gum... YUM! Then in early December 2013 I fell pregnant, was really poorly and couldn't handle strong fragrances, it made me feel so ill and completely put me off the fragrance, to the point that I couldn't use Snow Fairy for a long time afterwards, I'm only just coming around to the smell now. I'm going to have to get myself a bottle soon so I can fall in love all over again! I love how it leaves a slight shimmer on the skin afterwards and this year they've introduced a body conditioner for extra Snow Fairy layering!

Lush, Christmas, Snow Fairy

Lush, Christmas, shower jelly

Lush, Christmas, bubble bar,

There are so many exciting products that my kids will love! I'll for sure be filling the boys stockings with some Lush bits this year! I've already got my eye on a few...

The new Santa's Belly shower jelly is a wobbly, glitter filled jelly that smells of juicy apples and will most definitely make bath time fun!

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar is super cute, smells amazing and creates lots of frothy bubbles.

They've also released some seasonal FUN bars, for extra fun in the bath tub. If you're not familiar with FUN, it's basically colourful, scented play dough that you can play with in the bath, create shapes, models, whatever you wish AND it is gentle enough to be used as a shampoo, body wash and can be crumbled under running water to create lots of bubbles. This season they have Santa, Elf on the Shelf, Snow Fairy and Reindeer & Robin to choose from. 

Lush, Christmas, Bubble wand, bath bomb

Lush, Christmas, bubble wand

Lush, Christmas, Bubble Wand

I'm also a big fan of the Bubble Wands as gifts. They make perfect stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts or just a cute little present for a friend. They're reusable bubble bars and they're always super cute! The sparkly orange one above is Christmas on a stick! With fragrances of almond and cinnamon, it's the perfect cosy winter evening bath accessory!

And don't forget to treat yourself whilst you're at it. I mean, after all that Christmas shopping, you're going to need a relaxing candlelit bath with some Lush goodies, right?

I purchased the beautiful Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb after the event and it quickly became one of my favourite bath bombs. It fizzes a lather of bright pink and orange foam into the bath water, whilst filling the air with lime and orange-y goodness! It's also half coated in a bath melt made from cocoa butter and fresh bananas, leaving your bath water and skin really soft. And the best thing about this bath bomb is that it doesn't make your bath filthy afterwards. WINNING.

Lush, Christmas, bath bomb

Lush, Christmas, bubble bar

Lush, Christmas, lip scrub

My most favourite thing about Lush at Christmas is their Christmas Gifts. 
Gorgeously pre-wrapped in pretty paper & ribbons. TICK. Fresh, handmade products that are fun to use and smell amazing. TICK. Lots of different options for different price ranges. TICK.
What more could you want?

I've been eyeing a few up to buy for family and friends this Christmas. 

I love 'Sweet Christmas', wrapped in bright pink and purple and contains Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fairy conditioner and Rock Star soap. Hell, I want this! ;)

The 'Ice Cube' gift box contains Whoosh shower jelly, Christingle body conditioner, Frozen bath bomb and Igloo soap. I think that's a great present for just £23.95!

And if you fancy splashing out on someone special, the 'Magic Cube' gift box is £62.95 and contains 11 items! I won't list them all but there's a mixture of bath bombs, soap, dusting powder and more, including Karma bubble bar, Magic Wand soap and Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub to name a few!

Lush, Christmas, gifts

Lush, Christmas, gifts

Lush, Christmas, gifts

So if you're a fan of Lush, make sure you get yourself over to your local store this season to check out the new pieces for yourself. Stock up on your favourites before they disappear and pick up some fab Christmas prezzies whilst you're at it!

Big thanks to all the staff at Lush Leicester for inviting me along to the launch, I had a great evening, I left with lots of new favourites. I mean, hello? Why have I not used Bubbly before?? That stuff is AH-MAZING! I have lots of new products to try and a list as long as my arm [possibly both] of things I want to purchase!

Lush, Christmas, gifts

Lush, Christmas

Are you a fan of Lush Cosmetics?
What do you have your eye on this Christmas?

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  1. Love lush!! I really want to try out the new Monster Ball bath bomb.

  2. I'm going to a blogger event at my local Lush on Friday and can't wait to see all the festive bits - Snow Fairy is my absolute favourite smell! x #sundaybest

  3. You got to make your own products?! So jealous right now! Sounds like the Ballistics Bomb might have to be purchased here too; love a bit of citrus-y bath!

  4. Oh this looks amazing...jealous!!! I love Christmas at Lush. Snow Fairy is amazing!! #SundayBest xx

  5. I think Lush Christmas is my favourite and I am already through a small bottle of Snow Fairy and onto the next oops x

  6. Walking past Lush stores is my favourite thing to do as they smell delightful!

  7. I missed the one at my local store. Such a shame as it looked a good event. I love the wands too x

  8. I love Lush. It is always top of my xmas list

  9. We are huge Lush fans in this house. It's not Christmas without Lush!

  10. I love LUSH sooo much! Looks like some amazing Christmas products, can't wait to try them! #KCACOLS

  11. Everyone is Lush crazy right now. We have 3 bottles of Snow Fairy so if there is a shortage, ever, we will be fine!

  12. I so need the santas belly jelly! my friend was just telling me the other day she loves their shower jellies :) #KCACOLS

  13. I love all things lush, especially bath bombs! It always takes me back to years ago when my friends used to work in the local factory in poole!:)



  14. Totally love lush. Hubby usually gets something for xmas... and bdays.. and just sometimes. ;-) Rainbowsaretoo #kcacols

  15. I love Christmas at Lush, I can't wait to check out all of their new Christmas bits! #KCACOLS

  16. I LOVE Lush, I now want to go out spending on soaps and scenty bath bombs! Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures

  17. I love Lush and so does my niece. She could spend hours in there. They have some great xmas gift ideas for her this year I'm sure she would love it all!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  18. I adore Lush! Santa's Belly sounds like it would be a hit with my boys. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  19. I honestly don't think it's Christmas without lush 😊

    Tasha x


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