Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tanning Tips for that Winter Glow

Getting a tan in the winter is not easy because you can’t just lounge outside in the sun on a sandy beach or even in your own backyard to get that bronzed glow that you desire. The days are too short and the temperatures are too low, so you spend most of your time bundled up and indoors to keep warm. So how can you get a tan and a lovely winter glow if you don’t live in a tropical location? 

Use a Self Tanner

A tanning product that you can apply directly to your skin will give you a temporary tan that you will love. While there are many self tanners to choose from, stick with high quality options like Skinny Tan, which promises to give you a healthy looking glow safely, and it will last for about a week. The last thing that you want is for a product to go on your skin unevenly, leaving embarrassing streaks behind, so shop smart. Other products can end up coming off when you are out in the rain or sweating at the gym, so you’ll want to avoid those as well.

Use a Bronzer

If you don’t want to use a self tanner, you can instead stick with applying a bronzer to your skin. This product will wash away the next time that you take a bath or a shower, so it is a perfect way to get a sun-kissed look for a special winter occasion without having to commit to a full on tan. You can use a bronzer just on your face or you can wear it on your arms and legs if you are going to be wearing a dress to a formal event. Either way, stick with products that have natural ingredients and that are appropriate for your skin type so you can achieve a natural look that others will envy.

Get a Spray Tan

Another way to get a tan during the winter, without ever having to set foot in a harmful sunbed, is by getting a spray tan. You will need to go to a spray tan salon in order to have this done, and you will need to tell the therapist just how dark you want your tan to be. But within a few minutes, your entire body will be tanned perfectly and evenly, so this is definitely a great way to achieve the tan that you want, even in the middle of winter. Also, you will need to wait a few hours after getting a spray tan before you can take a shower, but you can expect that your spray tan will last a week or more before it fades naturally.
These are just a few of the top tanning tips for those who want to achieve a tan, sexy glow even during the winter. Whether you choose a spray tan, bronzer, or self tanning product, just be sure to follow the directions closely to achieve the best and longest lasting results.
Do you enjoy being tanned all year round?

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  1. I get so nervous around any sort of fake tan, I have very very pale skin so even the slightest bit of bronze and I look really odd haha

    Abi xo |


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