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How to Build Confidence in Children

I've grown up not having much confidence in myself. Over the years, things that have happened to me have massively affected the way I feel about myself. My self esteem and self worth have taken a huge knock. If you read my previous post, meeting confidence coach and mindset speaker, Warren Inspire Ryan really helped bring the confidence out in me. 

children, confidence, confidence training

Of course, we want this for our children too, right?

We want them to grow up knowing that they are as good as anyone else, that they can do anything they put their minds to. All children face some hard knocks in their lives, and it's important to teach them the tools to thrive.

As an award winning International Speaker and High Performance Confidence Coach, Warren's mission is to create VALUE in the lives of all those that come into contact with him; dedicating himself to empowering and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves.

Warren is launching a brand new online training programme for children, from 5-16 years, starting in October.

children, confidence, confidence training

Warren has the ability to connect with all ages. The program promises to be engaging and full of valuable information to give your children the essential skills to thrive not just in school but in LIFE!
Mindfulness is something that is often neglected at school. Warren has coached children all over the world and is now introducing this online program; coaching children on how to manage their emotions and gain the skills to overcome challenges. 

The program will cover 
*Confidence Building
*Public Speaking Skills
*Entrepreneurial Skills
*Team Building
*Daily Affirmations
*Weekly Live Trainings

All training will be recorded so your children can catch up whenever they have time.
Warren makes the program full of fun and delivers in a way suitable for children to understand and enjoy.

My 13 year old (He's the handsome little not so little man in the image at the top of this page ;)) recently took part in an online training session with Warren. 
He absolutely loved it and he's looking forward to taking part in the 21 day course himself! 
A few days after the training, I got a phone call home from school from his maths teacher saying he'd had a bit of a breakthrough. He decided that he COULD do it and started taking the steps needed to ask for help. I was SO proud of him! And I'm so excited to see how this 21 Day Unshakable Confidence Program for Children course helps him, knowing how much Warren's courses have helped me!

children, confidence, confidence training

My 3 top tips for building confidence in children are:

1.  Encourage them to pursue their interests.
If your child is anything like my eldest, their interests change constantly; but they're at an age where they're trying to find themselves and its important to allow them to explore their interests fully. 
Bradley has recently shown a lot of interest in photography and graphic design. He'll be choosing his GCSE options soon, so it's important for him to work out what his interests are. I've allowed him to take my beloved DSLR camera outside to play around with, and I must admit, he captured some fantastic shots.

2. Allow them to make choices and feel in charge.
I encourage this with both my children. Allowing them to make choices such as choosing what to have for dinner or where to go out on a family day out can help them to feel responsible and give a feeling of independence. 

3. Help them set realistic goals.
Guide them to set goals that are reachable. It's easy for a child to think they're going to be the best football player in the world, but it's important for them to set realistic goals to avoid the feeling of failure. Help them set smaller, reachable goals. 

So guys, do you have a child between the ages of 5 and 16, who you would like to have more self love, self esteem and more confidence? Get them on board! 

I've teamed up with Warren to offer your child a place on the program for just £9.99. (usual price £21.00). There are just a few spaces left at this price, so sign up quick!! 
We have children signed up from all over the world; it's going to be an AMAZING program. 

Click here to sign up:

What are your top tips for giving your children more confidence?



  1. I really need to follow these tips for my daughter, she has lost all her confidence since starting school.

  2. It is so important to build confidence in children so they can grow up as confident adults that can follow their dreams!

  3. Great tips, we always encourage Lucas aand praise him when things don't go the way he wants them

  4. Best way to build up confidence in a let them know its okay to fall down. Because you'll be there to pick them up again.....

    that and getting them a cat.

  5. Sounds like a great event, I could have done with this when I was a kid as I lacked confidence so much and I still do x

  6. Sounds like a great programme - I definitely struggled with confidence as a child so it's great things like this exist.

  7. What an interesting programme! I could've done with this as a child because I've always been very shy and it's followed me into adulthood!

  8. Great tips its important for children to be condfident so this is a great programme.

  9. Such good tips - it's so important to build up confidence in children. The programme sounds fab.

  10. Childhood is such an important time to gain things like confidence, these sound like some great tips to help build it.

  11. It's truly incredible to see that Warren's session has helped your son and i think it is important to help children {and adults} build their confidence but the earlier we start the better

  12. Great tips, I think I need to let the boys make more choices but it usually involves screen time and eating ALL the sweets haha x

  13. It's so important the children have self confidence and belief and I'm happy to see warren sessions have benefited your son. Setting realistic goals and rewarding them with certainly help x

  14. Great tips, these! As someone who has suffered low self confidence all her life trying to teach my children how to feel confident is high on my list of priorities.

  15. What an incredible program and great tips, building children's confidence from an early age should be a priority :)

  16. This program sounds great! I will check on this further. I'll let my friends know about this too. Encouraging our children to pursue their interest is definitely number one on my list. We need to trust and support them.

  17. it really is harder than people think ive got two hcidlrn who had a pretty bad bringing up and i toolok the role of mother just four years ago , its a daily struggle and there is not that much help available , we try or best to help

  18. Great tips, I try to let my kids make decisions about all sorts of things big and small, it seems to really help :)

  19. These are some great tips. Although my children are still young, I still encourage them to do something if they have an interest in it.

  20. How fantastic that after such a short time your son was seeing results. Confidence in children is so difficult to engineer with all the peer pressure that they are under. Your son is a very handsome young man - you are right!

  21. Parents building confidence in their kids is so important! My parents were always so good about that and it definitely helped make me more bold when it came to choices.


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