Sunday, 16 December 2018

Slogans Speak Louder Than Words

Slogan tees have always been bang on trend.
Statement fashion. They're everywhere right now. The high street is lavish with motivational quotes, quirky slogans and cute logos to suit every personality. 

Sonality, fashion, personalised clothing

Personally, I've always been a fan. 
Slogan clothing has always been a part of my wardrobe. I was rockin' the 'Frankie Says Relax' tees in the 90s and my favourite dress in my early twenties sported a 'Product of the 80s' slogan in bright pink lettering which I teamed with huge hooped earrings. But don't judge me for that! ;) 

They bring a little bit of individuality to an outfit. And they go with everything, in all seasons! 
Whether you're dressing up with a leather skirt, or staying casual with a pair of boyfriend jeans, they're the perfect go-to if you're wanting to put a message out there or just show a bit of personality.

Statement fashion is unique and that's exactly the mission behind Sonality

'We open the door to your own creativity – one that gives you the freedom, confidence and belief to style your own personalised premium quality clothing. Whenever you like.' -

Sonality is an online clothing store specialising in personalised clothing, totally unique to you. Their website is super easy to use; simply choose a garment, head over to the design studio to customise, choose your colour, your size and click buy! Simples.

Sonality, fashion, personalised clothing

I chose a comfy sweater and customised with a quirky festive slogan. I designed everything myself, from the font and colour to the glitter finish and added some cute bells. It arrived quickly and I was very happy with the quality. 

It's perfect for cosy days watching Christmas movies!!

What do you think? 

, fashion, personalised clothing

I've also been loving this Rock on Ruby slogan tee over the festive period too. I teamed it with leather trousers and a red lip for my work Christmas party, and kept it casual tucked into a pair of jeans during the daytime. 

If you could design your own slogan tee, 
what would your slogan be?

I was gifted a voucher to purchase a fully customisable garment from Sonality



  1. I do love a good Slogan on my tops and Christmas is the perfect way to show this, I love the Naughty list one :)

  2. I love a good slogan in my life, so this sounds right ump street. Look well made too :)

  3. There is nothing like a good slogan top is there. I love the Christmas jingle ladies one that really made me smile.

  4. I don't know what I'd pick if I was to make my own slogan tee, but I love the 'all the jingle ladies' one x

  5. I love a good slogan tee too. I don't own many but when I see one I like, I snap it up straight away.

  6. A good slogan are words to live by, I say!!

  7. I think slogans are brilliant! You get to say things without saying them!

  8. I love slogan tees and jumpers. My wardrobe is full of them

  9. I love slogan tees! I've no idea what I'd choose on my own though!

  10. I love a good slogan top! All the jingle ladies one is fab!

  11. You just can’t beat a slogan tee! I especially like them now I’m a mum. X

  12. Love these! I always think slogan tees and jumpers are so fun and a great way to express a little fun personality. Some of the Christmas ones I have seen are hilarious!


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