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Helping your Closest Plan their Special Day

It’s no secret that the work which goes into planning a wedding can often be exhaustive. You will have to work extremely hard to plan everything, and the months will tick by faster than you’d ever imagined, making it difficult to keep up with everything. For this post, though, it’s time to think about other people’s weddings. Those closest to you will have to go through the same pain to organise their own special day, but you have a lot to offer when it comes to helping them. To give you some ideas to support you through this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to make your friend’s weddings easier for them.


One of the biggest parts of the wedding planning process comes down to research. Not only do you need to organise a lot of different services to work together, but you also need to figure out which companies are likely to do the best job. As a friend of the bride or groom, you should know the happy couple very well. This will make it easy for you to find ideas and options which they might like. Of course, when you offer suggestions to people in this position, it’s worth keeping in mind that they will probably have a clear vision of what they want, and you can’t be offended if they do something different.

Booking & Calling Around

Once venues, businesses, and other features of the wedding have been chosen, the work will turn to get in contact with a host of different people to iron the plans out. They don’t need to talk to the couple themselves to do this, as long as you know the date and rough times of the wedding day. This can give the couple a chance to work on other parts of the wedding, like figuring out who will be on the guest list. You just need to make sure that you’re all communicating properly.

Picking Clothing

Tradition often dictates that a groom shouldn’t see the bride’s dress before the big day. Likewise, it’s also nice to create some mystery around the groom’s attire, too. To help in stoking this, you can go with each of the partners to try on their clothing, giving them the chance to break away from one another during the process. This is also another area which you can research for them, making it easier for them to visit businesses which they know have options which will fit their theme. There are countless wedding clothing companies out there, and you should be able to use one which is fairly local.


Making a guest list for a wedding is always a challenge, with limited spaces at the big event and loads of people who will want to attend. Once it comes to sending out invites to all of these people, the happy couple will be tired of thinking about it. Sorting out the physical invites for a wedding is far easier than a lot of people think. Options like Pure Invitation wedding invites give you the opportunity to have all of these pieces made by a professional company. Once you’ve got the invites themselves sorted out, you will only have to get them posted before the job is done. Of course, you can also help to ensure that all of the RSVPs are collected.

Stag/Hen Nights

It’s common for both brides and grooms to have parties shortly before their wedding day. This will usually be done with their closest friends, and this means that you’ll only be able to go with one side on this one. Planning this event is something which should be easy to take on, with all of the work you do along the way benefiting you, too. In most cases, this will involve a night on the town, some activities to keep it fun, and plenty of time to relax before the big day.

Have you helped a friend plan a Wedding before?

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  1. None of my closest friends are married/ engaged yet but it all sounds so stressful. There's so much to organise. Research is so important! x



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